Enterprises these days, to thrive in a competitive environment, need to incorporate automation as part of their strategy to maximize resource efficiency. Out of several processes that organizations aim to automate, traditional computer programming takes the front seat as hand-coding is very resource-intensive and there is an increasing need to build applications compatible across environments. The solution lies in adopting low-code platforms, using which we can build applications easily without having to code line-by-line.

Why enterprises must embrace low-code platforms?

The problem with conventional app development is it takes more time to accomplish simpler tasks. Moreover, apps developed in this manner can consume more resources and development is increasingly expensive. Apps should be compatible with multiple ranges of devices with multiple screen sizes and support various operating systems while interacting with complicated data structures.

Here we lay down some benefits of using low-code platforms for building essential functional modules and more!

Increased Organizational performance and employee productivity

Low-code platforms help you quickly translate your idea into a feature-rich enterprise application by a simple workflow representation and deliver higher productivity by utilizing fewer resources. Gartner’s research reveals that by 2024, more than 65% of applications will be built by low code development. Low code platforms can increase productivity of developers and CIOs are advised to go for low code platforms to develop apps. They need to stop viewing it as a threat and shift control since it empowers their business.

Lowered development costs and better ROI for enterprises

With a low code platform, you can build applications 78% faster than the conventional methods and create next-gen customer experiences. It’s a mere drag-and-drop designer that can build workflows without having to manually program your desired technical language. Based on the Forrester research report, “84% of organizations with utmost enterprise needs use low-code development and observe return-on-investment”. Low-code platforms eradicate the necessity to hire more developers. Since there is no coding knowledge required, non-developers can also build applications without relying on the technical team thereby resulting in improved ROI.

Start building your app today!

Twixor Compute is an all-inclusive low-code platform that can be used to create modern and complex applications. It employs a drag-and-drop interface for building applications eliminating the need to code. Twixor’s workspace lets you depict a diagrammatic representation of your project, compile and execute by means of Workflows. You could create and automate processes in minutes reducing time to market for your apps. It comes along with its unique consumer engagement layer that makes enterprise’s digital communications with customers, dynamic, 2 way and automated.

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