Need of the hour is cost-effective marketing. OTT apps are bringing down prices by giving marketers the best of both the worlds – the benefits of a larger user base and reduced operational overheads. Today customers want to communicate with the business in the same way as they connect with their family and friends. To make this happen, businesses have to incorporate WhatsApp channel as part of their marketing strategy because of its intrusive nature, greater convenience and higher applicability.

WhatsApp has checkpoints to assure users are not being spammed. WhatsApp uses the Facebook Immune System model to monitor every read or write action to define abusive behaviour and train its machine learning systems. Only an accredited WhatsApp Business Solution Provider can send messages of large volumes. Today businesses are using WhatsApp to drive customer conversations, send promotional messages, reminders and urgent notifications to customers by partnering with a registered global WhatsApp business solution provider.

With WhatsApp, every message is end-to-end encrypted and businesses can send personalized messages to customers embedding rich content, QR codes and more. You have full assurance that customers are reading your messages as opposed to mailing or sending short-code texts.

From Engagement to Action on WhatsApp

Twixor backed by a powerful workflow automation engine can design conversational workflows on WhatsApp. Further Twixor’s Agent Chat facilitates live agent interaction on WhatsApp that can resolve customer queries promptly.