2019 was an exciting year for Twixor. We set the ball rolling by introducing a whole bunch of new features this year. Our whole team deserves a pat on the back to have made this possible and we want to thank all our vendors and partners for their support.

Read below for a list of all the exciting new features we have worked on in 2019 as we continue to engage, retain and inspire our customers.

1.Actionable Chatbot

As Chatbots become the new norm, Twixor’s actionable chatbot will listen and most importantly act on your request. Our actionable chatbot powered by NLP can recognize a user’s intent and generate responses based on contextual analysis. Even when you are not online, your chatbot will be available round-the-clock for responding to your customers. Replace boring FAQ documents with Twixor’s Chatbot for enhanced Customer Service.

2.Live Agent Chat

Twixor’s Agent Chat comes with a unique set of features that you can leverage to better engage with your customers. It can be plugged into your website/app as a widget or can be linked to an interactive messaging platform like WhatsApp. When a visitor initiates a chat, he/she is taken through a Pre-chat questionnaire that will gather basic information about the visitor to better set the context for agents. Once these details are captured, a live agent will be online with the visitor and will address their queries. An agent can also share documents, links, images and other forms of rich media to help the visitor. Once there is closure, visitor is asked for feedback through a post-chat questionnaire. Analysis and corrective measures on feedback reports ensures cent percent customer satisfaction.

3.Rich Cards

Human brains are more likely to process images 60000 times faster than text. With Twixor’s rich cards, engage better with interactive visual content. From embedding QR Codes to creating dynamic snippets, rich cards can help you elevate user experience without your message being transcoded.

4.WhatsApp Journey Builder

WhatsApp is the most preferred social app across the globe. WhatsApp Business API empowers businesses to communicate with their customers through automated and personalized transactional messages once users have “opted in” to receive messages. Businesses can now reach their customers on a channel that they know for sure is always being checked. This means

businesses can now send high-value messages like flight tickets, boarding passes, order confirmations, price drop, and stock alerts directly to a user’s WhatsApp chat. Twixor’s “WhatsApp journey builder” as we call it, allows enterprises to design and build rich conversational experiences through WhatsApp business API. The easy-to-use drag and drop module can embed conversations with rich media, document sharing, audio, location and much more.

5.HTML Inline Forms

With this new feature, when customers receive alerts on new offers or have to fill out a feedback form, they can do so within the same PWA link. Customers not being deviated to a third-party link to fill out a form will ensure maximum responses and boost sales.

Saying Hello to a new decade

2019 has been a great year for us. As we welcome the double 20 year, if there’s anything we can do to help you grow your business, please write to us at info@twixor.com.