2021 was a year of rapid growth for Twixor.  Over the last year, we have achieved 100%+ Y-o-Y growth and grew our Engineering team by 3x. Our mission is to build an engagement platform that enables actionable messaging across channels.

Here’s a list of features that we thoughtfully built last year with customer pain points in mind. 

Brand new UI

Have you checked out Twixor’s new UI yet?

With the help of your feedback, our engineering team has redesigned the UI for greater ease-of-use and flexibility. Now do more with Twixor’s sleek new UI.

  • Duplicate journeys: You now don’t have to build a journey from scratch each time. Rather duplicate a journey and reuse flows across channels.
  • Dashboard: An intuitive dashboard that gives you a clear view of existing campaigns, active chats, overall satisfaction rating and more that opens up right on the homepage.

Campaign Module

Build unique Campaign using our suite of developer tools, and features to launch in as little as 30mins. All this without having to write a single line of code. Understand your audience with custom metrics such as real time information on the Targeted Segment Size and Total messages sent, delivered. No. of. Read/failed messages gives you a comprehensive view of how well the campaign has performed.

Contextual messaging

Equip your agent with more information about the user when resolving a query rather than surfing through multiple screens. Any relevant information can be fetched from third-party APIs and be made available for the agent. Eg: Order history, User profile, A/c balance and so on.

Agent Analytics

Twixor’s Agent Chat comes with a unique set of features that you can leverage to better engage with your customers. It can be plugged into your website/app as a widget or can be linked to an interactive messaging platform like WhatsApp.

Using Twixor’s agent performance dashboard, identify areas of concern and improve CX in an iterative manner. Analyse and track a set of KPIs such as Average response Time, no of missed chats, Average Rating to better assess agent’s performance.

Interactive WhatsApp Journey Builder

Businesses can now reach their customers on a channel that they know for sure is always being checked. This means businesses can now send high-value messages like flight tickets, boarding passes, order confirmations, price drop, and stock alerts directly to a user’s WhatsApp chat.  Twixor’s “WhatsApp journey builder” as we call it, allows enterprises to design and build rich conversational experiences through WhatsApp business API. The easy-to-use drag and drop module can embed conversations with rich media, document sharing, audio, location and much more.

With WhatsApp’s new interactive message feature, users can easily select an option from a list menu. Our journey builder helps you to build this flow for your customers where they can view and select from a catalogue along with Quick reply and CTA buttons.

Hashtags for categorization

With this new feature, categorize support tickets with ease. Organizing and tagging queries enables efficient troubleshooting and quicker resolutions. Reduce chaos and bring order to your support process and empower your teams to deliver value fast and effectively.

Excited for what awaits us in 2022!

2021 has been a successful year at Twixor. As we welcome the new year, if there’s anything we can do to help you grow your business, please write to us at info@twixor.com.