Figures show there is a lack of performance metrics established in the call center.  More than half (59%) of UK businesses can’t, for example, create reports on tracking customer service agents, contact center sales, and support team performance.

Without proper performance metrics in place, contact centers miss out valuable opportunities to drive customer service excellence that results in a better customer experience overall. It’s simply a shot in the dark to determine agent strengths and weaknesses.

Here are the most important performance metrics to improve CX from Twixor’s Dashboard.

No of followers

When followers and leaders are working effectively together this will also have a positive impact on the organization they work for. Hence it is vital to know the number of the person following you since you have registered in the portal.

Messages sent Today

Displays the number of messages conveyed today since it’s an important metric to be tracked daily.

Chat History

Chat History displays the total number of chats, time taken for the chats, and chats that are not responded by the agents.

The total number of chats attended by the agents and time taken for the chats for 1 month, 15 days, 7 days, and 1 day are depicted in the form of bar chart and line chart.

The total number of chats attended by the agent per day is displayed in a bar chart as shown below.

Line chart displays the total time taken for the chats per day.

Attended Chats

Presents the total number of chats attended by the agents.

Time Taken

The total time gives the total time taken for the conversation.

Missed Chats

It shows the number of chats you have missed due to high customer traffic volume or any other reasons.

Chat Timings

Chat Timings represent the percentage of chats taken place during a specific time interval.

Satisfaction Rating

You can ask your customers to rate their satisfaction for the chat support service by star rating.

Using this data, you can improve your chat activity so as to provide fabulous chat support for your customers.