If you are looking out for the next big for the next marketing trend and engage with your customers, get ahead of the game now with Progressive Web Apps powered by Twixor EnCaps. Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are a way for you to give your customers an app-like experience without getting your customers to install a dedicated mobile app. PWAs remove the hassle of asking your customers to go to the App Store / Play Store, search for your app and install it. It will open in your customers’ phone’s web-browser, no matter what phone they are using, and since it is delivered from the Web directly, you can modify the App as many times as you want without the customer needing to update a dedicated app every time.

In addition to this, Twixor EnCaps is also backed up with a powerful automation engine with which you can delight the customers by sending EnCaps through any channel of your choice.

This page explains the assorted activities associated with the creation and termination of EnCaps. Go through these techniques, it will help you create and delete EnCaps.

Create an EnCap

In this page, you can create as many EnCaps as you need to engage with your customers to generate as many customer interactions as you need. And, existing EnCaps can also be searched based on the name of EnCap.

Pursue the steps below to create, search, and delete the EnCaps.

1. Head to EnCaps.

In this page, you can view the list of already created EnCaps.

2. Click Create Encap to create a new EnCap.

3. Go ahead and enter the name of the EnCap as Book Store in Name column .

4. Click Submit to create a new EnCap or Cancel to invalidate the action. Congratulations! you have created an EnCap for Book Store.

And the Book Store EnCap will be displayed in the list of created EnCaps.

5. After the successful creation of EnCap, you will be directed to design the EnCap work flow using EnCap Designer that will be discussed in the topic Design Workflow using EnCap Designer.

Tip! Alternately, you can also design the EnCap work flow by clicking the button Open EnCap Designer

Search the desired EnCap

If you know either a certain portion or full name of the EnCap, you can explore it by entering the EnCap name in the search box.