Season Two Ventures, a $100 million venture-capital based in India and California have realized Twixors’ potential to augment CX with an exceedingly customizable low-code platform

Twixor simplifies the way businesses integrate consumer interactions and engagements into their business processes through an AI-driven omnichannel customer experience. Twixor has 6 global patents in the sector. Having experienced 100% revenue growth in 2021, the company is on track to double its revenue again in 2022.

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/campaigns/org749432488/sitesapi/files/images/710163006/1639562809_1iVd5U_Untitled_design_33_ (1).pngSajan Pillai, Managing Partner, Season Two Ventures

“We are committed to investing in start-ups that leverage on the latest advancements in AI and ML, especially in BFSI and health-tech. Twixor fits with our core investment hypothesis of digitalization in BFSI”

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I am excited for Season Two to have joined our journey as an investor and partner, as we look to scale our platform offering to address the global markets and expand our customer base. Our partnership with Season Two Ventures is an important milestone in Twixor’s journey.


Ashok Anand, CEO, Twixor


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Twixor intelligent process automation combines Low-code BPM and Digital Process Automation to simplify and automate complex business process to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Twixor AIM enables businesses to amplify customer engagement, increase conversions, and deliver delightful support across channels with AI powered Chatbots.