From chat-based KYC to user onboarding to 24×7 customer support, etc., WhatsApp marketing in banking is helping it to attract more consumers seamlessly. The banking segment is utilising the full benefits of WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, expansive network, and accessibility.

How is WhatsApp assisting the banks in promotional campaigns?


WhatsApp promotional messages are encrypted and secured over HTTPS, therefore banks and other financial companies can share and receive sensitive information such as payment, etc., during business-to-customer communications.

Customer engagement

Banks can use WhatsApp for sending high engagement campaigns that inform customers and keep them engaged. Furthermore, it can help customers remain abreast about new developments.

Promotions and marketing

WhatsApp marketing campaigns in banking will help it directly market to a large number of users through automated messages. For example, the social media platform can send a special promotion to the customer through an automated bot. It will save time for the user as they don’t have to visit the bank’s website.

Banks also onboard new customers through WhatsApp. New customers can reach the bank through the platform, and chatbots will greet them and help to know about products and services.

Promotional campaigns through WhatsApp will help banks share new product launches such as credit and debit cards. Moreover, Banks can review existing accounts to determine positive banking and credit trends in customers, faster. Customers with good records can get a pre-approved card within few minutes.

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