The advent of conversational banking has revolutionized the entire retail banking segment by storm. According to Juniper Research, “90% of interactions in banks will be automated by 2022 using chatbots.” Let’s sneak peek at some of the use cases of conversational banking in channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. 

WhatsApp banking

Since the introduction of WhatsApp business API in 2018, banks have enriched their customer experience. They can connect with their customers in real-time and make conversations more personalized.

Use cases 

Customer onboarding

Banks will be able to onboard new customers by levering rich media on WhatsApp. Furthermore, they can use their chatbot to greet new customers and keep them abreast of new developments. 

Twixor is one of the best platforms for banks that can help them provide top-notch remote digital experiences for their customers. 

Card delivery

WhatsApp banking allows banks to make card delivery and pickup easier. They can provide the card delivery status to their customers on WhatsApp and answer queries instantly.

E-Policies and Invoices

Banks can share invoices, e-policies, and e-receipts with their clients without any friction. It will make it easier for the customers to pay their outstanding balance and complete processes effectively.

Facebook banking

Facebook can be used to drive customer engagement. Using Facebook can enhance brand awareness and ad recall for your services. Attract consumers through in-stream video ads by highlighting your brand values. With Twixor, banks can create faster, easier and more productive conversations across Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook.