The scope of growth for any industry largely depends on automation. There is a lot of data flow in e-commerce and it involves several repetitive tasks creating bottle-necks in day-to-day operations. In the era before automation, data such as order details, customer profile, availability of stocks, inventory management, keeping customer notified about shipments and so on had to be manually processed and required tedious effort from retailers. Intelligent process automation aims at settling these hurdles in operations and enable brands to effectively streamline back office functions.

So, let’s take a look at how intelligent process automation can enrich customer experience in the e-commerce industry from various standpoints.

Warehousing and product management

Survey states that 90% of the products are shipped way before the expected time by using automation tools. Shipping happens early because companies can easily maintain in-stock status, track products and manage inventory effectively. Business process automation enables scanning of heaps of data from artefacts like sales reports, purchase history, vendor shipping schedules and more within minutes and the analysis is further used to improve operational efficiency. 

Automated payments

Handling invoices and payments is a time-consuming and resource intensive task for companies. There is also high possibility for human error and results in slower processing time. With the right intelligent low code automation platform in hand, brands can digitize the process by validating data from purchase orders to generate invoices. When customers or vendors are notified for payments, instead of redirecting them to a new screen, transaction can happen within the conversation by automating payments at the backend through business process automation. This way we ensure payments are received on time and time required to process and share invoices is greatly reduced with a higher accuracy rate.

End-to-end fulfilment

Achieving end-to-end fulfilment in e-commerce involves integrating multiple components such as customer profiles, product catalog, CRMs, Order management server and more. Automating these integrations will serve as a holistic solution thereby decreasing costs and accelerating customer satisfaction rate. Intelligent process automation has remodelled the landscape of e-commerce forever. Deploy Twixor’s no-code intelligent automation platform today to see the difference in your automation journey.