The rapidly growing e-commerce segment is banking on conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to shape customer experience seamlessly. Data indicate that the pandemic spurred online retail sales by 32 per cent in the first quarter last year. While, experts predict that the growth percentage of the eCommerce space in the past 18 months is more than what it was in the last ten years.

Here are the common AI-based technologies that are used in the e-commerce industry:

Smart chatbots

Smart chatbot can help e-commerce site owners to understand their target audience and their journey. E-commerce offers both products and brand ideas to online shoppers through marketing strategies based on advanced technologies.

Voice searches

By using recommendations based on user choices, voice search customises the purchasing experiences. The latest trend is simple, it begins with a simple voice search and ends with a successful purchase.

Personalised product recommendation engines

These engines help customers to purchase their desired products seamlessly and makes make upselling and cross-selling possible for companies.

Trends that matter!

Virtual sales agent

Boredom can strike customers when choosing an online product. Therefore, virtual assistants can pick the right product or service based on the taste and preferences of the customers. Even before purchase, AI assistants can provide information on the product.

Boost for online businesses

The discussed function of AI assistants can help brands boost sales by assisting customers during their purchase journey and delivering an overall customer experience.

Moreover, AI assistants enable end-to-end automation of every purchase made by customers. In addition, they can also identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and execute them at scale.


Chatbots can become a customer’s best friend if they are programmed properly. The interesting point is they rarely commits mistakes. Twixor is a premium platform that can help your e-commerce business grow. It provides world-class tailored solution for different sectors.

There are many good reasons to incorporate chatbots in ecommerce platform. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Chatbots are compatible with various platforms. They can recognise the behaviour of customers from their previous purchases.
  • Brands can collect the feedback and analyse customer related data.
  • Bots can greet customers when they visit an e-commerce site for shopping. It can recommend trending and best products.

Virtual Reality

One of the most intriguing AI trends in retail and online buying is augmented reality (AR). Instead, than merely looking at photos, customers may view products in 3D. It is assisting the physical store in going entirely online. This pattern is probably going to gain more and more traction, particularly during the pandemic.

Final thoughts

The future of e-commerce is clearly driven by the use of AI. It is creating new opportunities by delivering impact in durations which were unimaginable in the past. Therefore, brands who aren’t fully utilising AI should start to embrace the technology for good.