It’s found that businesses spend around $1.3 trillion in customer service management addressing an average of 726 million requests every day.

Every company in the market demands or experiences the pressure of meeting the expectation of today’s customer journey or service. With the transformation of online chat, virtual connection and virtual assistance, consumers expect a service that is quicker (no matter 3pm or 3am), simple and sort out their need in time. This has forced the organizations to offer customer experience adapted with AI or NLP-based virtual agents to stay ahead in the competitive market and deliver the utmost customer service.  

The Changing Landscape of Customer Experience with Virtual Agents

Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), which is built on the blend of conventional technologies like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), AI and NLP in order to develop the same level of communication abilities as a live human agent. IVAs are capable of communicating with customers by comprehending their intentions and even their emotions. Beyond standard call flows, IVAs can make “choices” on the fly and assist the caller directly, whether they need to cancel a reservation, send money, or learn why a service is down.


Why your business should invest in a Virtual Agent (AI-based Conversational platform)?

Automates repetitive tasks

Appointment scheduling, order cancellation, webinar registration, and account upgrade are examples of repetitive tasks that can be done by a virtual assistant. As a result, the response time is increased and agents have more time to concentrate on enquiries that require human assistance.


IVAs create an opportunity to save costs and have a pre-defined automation workflow that enables customers to find their own solutions. With the implementation of Machine learning and AI, self-service in customer experience has become a vital asset that replaces those conventional IVRs. Self-service assets can start and stop certain actions and also allows agent-like service without any expenses spent on extra agents. 

Lead generation

To create a user profile and give contact information for follow-ups and lead qualification, virtual agents gather pertinent data such as name, email address, organization name, role, and (in certain situations) phone numbers.

Around the Clock Customer Service

The availability of live agents is undoubtedly one of the primary challenges. You might not have enough employees, or you might have a contact centre to handle activities during regular work hours. You can be accessible at all times with an IVA, allowing consumers to receive service whenever they need it.

Scalable and offers long-term ROI

When you scale your organization, adopting the correct blend of automation and human support can significantly save staffing expenses, even if the fundamental objective of virtual agents has always been to help your human agents serve your clients better.

Rehabilitate customer support with Automation 

Automating the customer experience is the key trendsetter or go-to-solution for today’s organizations handling services across online channels. It’s found that 79% of contact centre leaders are planning to invest in AI-based customer support platform that goes beyond just support. More industry leaders in e-commerce, fintech, travel and beyond are getting benefited from Intelligence Virtual Agents and will continue to implement IVA in their businesses.    

The Approach of Twixor in Intelligence Virtual Agents

Twixor’s AIM (Actionable Intelligence Messaging) platform is one of the world’s most advanced AI conversational platforms truly designed to progress the “Human in the Loop” concept.  The AI conversational-driven low-code platform is coupled with deep machine learning and Natural Language Processing that enables you to keep the conversation between your customers and your product going personalized irrespective of context.

  • Replace human intervention with an AI-driven conversational automation platform,
  • Personalize every conversation with dynamic and rich-cards to improve overall user experience.
  • Create your own intelligence virtual agent and customize customer journey for desired results.
  • Run dynamic and mass campaigns for your service, products across channels for outstanding marketing and sales outreach.
An AI-conversational Intelligence Virtual Agent Platform Can Drop in Call traffic & Improve Overall Customer Experience Know how?