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With live chat playing such a pivotal role in customer service, more brands are offering it and developing it following their customers’ requests and demands. Live chats can be used across industries and use cases but it solely depends on the business needs. Live chat impacts your business’ support service, sales, and overall revenue of your business. Live chats are majorly used across verticals to ignite user experience and desired objective of your business.

  • Sales
  • Support,
  • e-Commerce,
  • Lead generation,
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Online survey,
  • In-app chat Support  and more.

This blog will highlight a few critical live chat features that improve overall customer service and facilitate customer service workflow.

New message alerts

When a customer is chatting with you, new message alerts let them know that messages are waiting for them. If the chat window is minimized, the alerts appear. When website visitors need to navigate the website and check out more pages, they frequently do this. They may miss new messages from an agent if they minimize the chat window in this case. An active chat and a conversation with an agent will be reminded by the alert and the text bubble with the most recent message.

Chat dashboard

Half of your issues can be resolved there if you have comprehensive live chat dashboards as part of your customer support tools. A dashboard can include information such as the number of active chats, upcoming challenges, and so on.

Data on task assignment, status, and rating, CSAT and dates, pertinent customer data, and other similar information that can ease an agent’s job while assisting a customer are even more useful.

  • Reduce time by sending swift responses
  • Delivers informed responses
  • Prevents typos and wrong information

Live chat accessibility

Today, one of the most important goals for website owners is user-friendliness. Many businesses and government services create websites that are easy to navigate and understand for people with disabilities. We at Twixor are constantly improving our live chat tool to meet accessibility standards and make the customer experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Canned responses

Live chat agents have access to canned responses, which are prewritten statements or messages. By entering keywords related to the user’s query, you can select from a list of canned responses. These predetermined responses save time and allow agents to provide a consistent response to customers.

Most frequently asked questions have pre-written responses in canned responses, so all the agent needs to do is choose the right one. Canned responses also:

  • Reduce time by sending swift responses
  • Delivers informed responses
  • Prevents typos and wrong information

Google fonts support

You may make your chat appear like it is a component of your website by choosing a Google font for the chat window. You can select the Google font in the chat window’s settings, and it will be used for all text on the chat window, in the pre-chat survey, and on offline forms.

Live chat plugins

You can combine several apps inside a view using live chat plugins to have all-encompassing access to the data. One of the most helpful aspects of live chat is the ability for agents to access information from other apps without switching tabs, such as Maps, CRM, tracking apps, etc.

A Chat Support System Performs Beyond Your Expectations

Depending on your business needs, live chat plugins offer a variety of functionalities. The live chat features will not only help to streamline your customer support but also helps to understand your customers’ need in a personalized manner. Customer expectations are changing and businesses need to adapt to the ever-growing demand. Live chat in combination with AI conversation is the trendsetter in today’s business world. Keeping this in mind, Twixor has designed one of the most efficient AI conversational chat support systems that automate live chat even if your support team isn’t available. Our AI conversational platform helps businesses to scale operations, reduce operation costs, and improve overall customer support activities.

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