What is Twixor?

Twixor is a low-code no-code platform that extends business processes to customers, suppliers, and partners, giving them better AI driven cognitive experiences. Twixor simplifies the way how businesses integrate consumer interactions/engagements into their business processes.

Twixor AIM helps surfaces business services on the channel of choice that customer has chosen – such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or using a Progressive Web App over SMS, website or QR code scan, or voice, leveraging conversational AI & NLP for rich user journeys.

Twixor Compute is a high-throughput and scalable digital process automation engine to fulfill the micro-transactions initiated by the users, with an in-built document management system and a Rest API led architecture that helps connect with and build on existing 3rd party legacy systems.

This multi-industry-vertical, multi-lingual, modular, secure and scalable platform can be consumed as SaaS or On-prem.

Our Mission

To accelerate digital transformation of enterprises by empowering them with intelligent automation capabilities and enabling them to seamlessly connect with their customers.

Why Twixor

The world is ever changing and ever adapting. It is highly demanded that businesses also adapt to the new horizons and improvise their strategies. Twixor allows you to make every interaction count with its rich, intuitive, and delightful experiences through a conversational module in social, messaging applications and media. We help empower various enterprises by equipping them with a platform that connects them to their customers through a messaging interface which is thoroughly engaging in a personalized manner. We orchestrate end-to-end fulfillment over instant messaging channels powered by intelligent process automation.

What We Do

Twixor is the only proven “Actionable Intelligence Platform” that helps businesses to build Hyper personalized engagement platforms that enables customers to initiate end-to-end fulfillment processes for digital process automation. It enhances last-mile communications through AI-driven bots and Progressive Web App (PWA) capsules powered by its BPM engine.

Twixor is the forefront of the future in terms of enterprise communications and no code workflow automation. The low-code journey builder is the perfect fit for businesses and enterprises to engage with their customers through the social and messaging platforms and we enable them to hold business processes and services without the need for a native application.

Twixor allows you do build a customizable, branded and dynamic workflow pattern that will provide personalized engagement module to the customers which will orchestrate end-to-end fulfillment through process workflows, which can be easily built using drag-and-drop capabilities. This will allow anyone to streamline driven workflows and operations without the need to have any prior programming knowledge.