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Build Robust Customer Journeys powered by Conversational AI

Spice up the chat with personalized, user-intent-based responses with the help of AI-Powered Conversational Engine. Convert your target audience into potential customers.

Free Access For Developers

A Platform to empower your Customers to not just chat but transact

Customize your chatbot journey using a smooth and intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Unlock the potential of driving enhanced customer experience, conversion, and personalized conversation with Twixor AIM.

Conversational AI driven Twixor AIM Platform is meant to…

Improve Overall Operational Workflow

Resolve Problems Smarter & Faster

Strengthen Customer Experience

Maximize Employee Productivity

Balance Automation with Intent-based Touch

Maximize Conversion with Conversation

Generate leads & Magnify Sales Growth

Flawless benefits to Developers, Conversational Teams & Enterprises globally.

Pre-trained AI Conversational Bot leverages intent discovery and responses. You don’t need to train the bot
Built-in with 10+ channel support to enhance interaction & customer experience.
Powerful journey builder and built-in with scalable features and  free access to the cloud with customizable journey

We’ve got Everything to Automate your Customer Journey!

Create more engaging and personalized customer interaction right from the initial chat. Leverage NLU-powered Conversational Chatbot to scale conversion and CX across channels your customers prefer.

Add multiple flows to make the journey impeccable. Design more natural conversations with drag-and-drop functionalities.

Drag and drop journey builder

Keep conversations anywhere depending on customers’ preference. Drive more conversion & engagement across channels.

Transactional bots

Automate the collection of user information and create custom lists, segment them and reuse them for marketing activities.

API Integration

Fetch different sorts of user information ranging from passwords, contact details, Coupon codes, and anything with the help of API Sync.

Multiapplication bots

Try multiple flows at same time. AB test each flow in a dynamic way and define which flow performs best out of it.

In built testing
Intent Driven Promotions

Set your outbound marketing straight with Campaign Builder

Turn every user into potential customers through up-sell and cross-sell activities. Run targeted campaigns across your user’s preferred channel to maximize lead conversion, engagement. Brand awareness and higher business impact.

  • Reuse Campaign Layouts
  • Cohort Marketing
  • Omnichannel
  • Effortless Mass Campaign
  • Segment Audience
  • Real-time Reports
Multi-lingual Conversations

Go beyond simple chatbots to Automating more Intelligent Natural Interactions with NLP

Deliver 95% of intent accuracy to users’ query without the complex of training your bot. Twixor AIM personalizes communication based on channel, recognizes intent and delivers better response to each conversation.

  •  Intent Recognition
  • Extracts Every Entity
  • Multilingual 100+ Languages
  • Interruption Handling
  • Deeper Sentimental Analysis
  • Multiple Intent Identification
User Information Delivery

Visualization of Unstructured Dynamic Data into an Intuitive format

Trigger the right interest at the right time by providing intent-based information in a rich and interactive way. Make the conversation more user-friendly and visually rich with end-to-end consolidated data.

  • Different Content Types
  • Upload your own design
  • Customize Templates
  • Support All Adaptive Cards
  • Higher Response Rate
  • Customer Success Fulfillment

In-built tools to take off your Customer Experience with Minimalistic Efforts

Chat Configuration

Manage a wide range of Chatbot functionalities like intent  driven solutions and automated chat

User Access Control

Implement Role-based access control to manage who can customize and improve workflows.

Categorize Departments

Personalize user interaction through Context Management. Map agents, Respond to canned messages.

Real-time Analytics

Get a complete bird’s eye view of journey responses for better data-driven and  real-time results.

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Build a Customizable AI-Powered Chatbot with help of a No-code Journey Builder.

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