Actionable Instant Messaging

Actionable Instant Messaging

Tap into new flexible workforce models with guided conversation and optimize customer touchpoints

Actionable Instant Messaging

Omnichannel Journey Builder
Orchestrate customer journey over instant messaging channels
Interactive communication Builder
Create and deploy rich, customizable and scalable conversations over mobile web browsers

Reach your customers over the channel of their preference

Orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys over the instant messaging platforms engraved into their daily lives

One low-code platform for every channel

Twixor’s easy-to-build environment gives enterprises an edge by enabling them to build and deploy meaningful conversations on messaging platforms where customers spend most of their time. Streamline communication workflows with no prior coding knowledge

No more slacking! Conversations round the clock.

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere with self-service options without any hindrance. Automate the entire omnichannel conversation to achieve fulfillment. Reduce costs and increase agent productivity by offering the widest breadth of services over a single channel.

Augmented customer support

Elevate customer satisfaction by delivering the utmost customer support experience. Enable your customers to interact directly with the right agent at the right time to resolve queries instantly.

Deliver hyper-personalization with Rich-Cards

Leverage real-time data to deliver a more personal experience. Messaging has changed the way people communicate and we change messaging by making it more rich, intuitive and insightful with our unique Rich-Cards

Transform your customer experience by taking advantage of the native features

Rich Interactions

Interact with your customers through rich messages with images, videos,files,and much more.

Sharing Documents

Share documents such as invoices,receipts,account statements,terms and conditions that your customers request with ease. Upload or receive documents in PDF, DOC(X), PPT(x), XLS(x) formats.


Allow your customers to speak to the right person at the right time with the feature to share contacts effortlessly.

Discover Location

You can now not only enable your customers to locate your store or branch, but also provide delivery services in real-time by allowing your customers to share their location proactively to avoid missed deliveries.

Engage with your customers like never before !