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Drive Superior Customer Experience with Hybrid Agent Assist

Improve CX, Communication, Productivity & Consistent Support to customers by placing Chatbot and Live agent in the row.

Forever Free access to Developers

Empowering Human + AI Virtual Assistant For Rich Conversation and Support at Scale

Real-time and Flawless Handoff

Two-way Handoff Process Made Simpler and Quicker

Twixor’s Hybrid Agent Assist is powered with a dynamic & automated handoff feature that enables agents to intervene in the chat during critical issues or based on customer preference.

  • Handoff Tigger Notifications
  • Direct Handoff
  • Custom Assignation
Data-driven Analytics & Reporting

Monitor Conversations at Every Stage of the Journey

Twixor is integrated with an advanced analytical dashboard that reveals relevant KPIs like active chats, CSAT, the status of tickets, and more to improve response time and agent assist efficiency.

  • Missed Chats
  • Average Ratings
  • Satisfaction Rating

Quicker Onboarding, Deployment, and Lesser Time on Training

Our Virtual Agent Assist delivers the right answer/support at the right time consistently from day 1 of deployment. Powered with an NLP engine, it accelerates accuracy with a self-learning capability.

  • Multi-factorial Intent Recognition

  • On-point Resolution

  • Reduction in Operational Cost

Deliver Support uniquely combining Machine and Human Experience

Deliver Omnichannel Support Across Channels
Personalize Conversations with Intent Predictions
Execute API Integrations To Pull Customer Data
Improve CSAT with Visual Rich Content (Rich Cards)
Streamline Auto-Suggestions with Agent-trained Bots
Automate Support Tickets Effortlessly
Keep handy of Key Resources to Automate Via VA.
Automated Multilingual Support to Customers
Up-sell & Cross-sell Services/ Products

Help your team deliver better

Customer Support

Acquire significant business value with Hybrid Agent Assist

Why Hybrid Agent Assist Over a Typical Chatbot?

Typical Chatbot
Hybrid Chatbot

Handling Complex Queries

Two-way Handoff

User Intent Recognition


24/7 Availability


API Integration

Customize Journey

Live Agent

Manage Message Template

Hybrid Agent Assist Platform Built for Every Industry

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Boost agent productivity, enhance customer support and personalize every customer interaction with Hybrid Agent Assist

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