7 Ways To Drive Customer Engagement Through WhatsApp Business API

If you let your Gen Y customers interact the way they like, you unveil a world of information about them. Millennials have changed the traditional practices for businesses. They want to know if you are quick, accessible and that’s all matters to them at most times. Consequently, many rich messaging apps available today are devised to provide both.

One such recent advancement is engaging with customers on WhatsApp. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps with over 1.5 billion users across 180 countries. As a mandate, you need to be where your customers are.  Keeping these numbers in mind and the rising liquid expectations of Millennials, businesses across industries need to leverage and deploy an authorized WhatsApp business solution provider to improve CX.

While there are several ways in which WhatsApp can benefit your business, let’s unfold 7 ways of using WhatsApp Business API to drive customer engagement:

1.    Handling time-critical notifications through WhatsApp.

With a registered business account, brands could directly send notifications such as tickets, time-bound offers, crisis communication and answer customer queries within the WhatsApp environment using a fully automated WhatsApp Journey Builder. It brings you further close to your consumers by establishing a conversation and reducing human errors.

2.    A deal-breaker in the Banking industry uncovering a world of possibilities.

BFSI has seen tremendous growth in terms of digitalization and modernization. It just got a lot better with WhatsApp. For instance, to find account balance, customers either must download Apps or be stuck on a cluttered browser that’s loaded with extras. Through WhatsApp, these microservices can be automated by the means of pre-programmed rules and NLP. Banks can streamline a truckload of banking services like new account creation, balance enquiry, evaluating loan eligibility, updating KYC details (PAN/Aadhar/E-mail) and so on through engaging with their customers on WhatsApp thereby nurturing brand engagement.

3.    Don’t let your customers suffer long phone calls to talk to you.

If you are using IVR systems for customer service, you probably are tired of Millennials complaining about its slowness and elderly people telling you how difficult it is to follow a lengthy telephonic menu. You are going to hear no more of it because here is a simple solution – WhatsApp Business API. Customers can simply give a missed call to the official toll-free number. Call gets disconnected by itself and a message is initiated on WhatsApp from a registered business account. Watch below for a sample of how this entire sequence unfolds!


4.    A hybrid approach to customer service ensuring cent percent customer satisfaction.

While it’s fantastic to have a rule-based WhatsApp business solution provider to answer customer queries, there might be situations where the customer has a complex query and needs to talk to an agent. Ideally, it pays to have a Live Agent feature linked to your WhatsApp Business account that way an agent can handle those questions that are not interpreted by WhatsApp Journey Builder.

5.    Take advantage of native WhatsApp Features.

With access to WhatsApp Business API, you just have the whole package. Any and every form of media sharing is made possible. Interact with your customers using rich media and elevate customer engagement by sending QR codes, contacts, documents, location and more.

6.    Streamline Order Management Cycle with ease.

When a customer buys a product online, several entities come together to get the product delivered. All through this cycle, customer needs to be sent real-time notifications until it arrives at their doorstep. Through WhatsApp Business API, you can further enhance this experience by allowing customers to log digital signatures, send location details and simplify return processes.

7.    Engage better by sending your customers details about offers, loyalty points, and reminders.

Product marketing campaigns, current offers, reminders, and loyalty points that can be used for redeeming rewards are directly sent to customer’s contact via WhatsApp thereby enhancing customer engagement.

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