Granular structured messaging will lead to better customer perception of your Enterprise

Modern day customers expect high quality of service from enterprises which translates to expectation of speed, consistency, predictability and being kept informed every time & all the time. Expectation from these attributes are even more pronounced when it comes to availing customer services. Enterprises are striving to meet these expectations by deploying resources at their disposal including contemporary technologies. Appropriate information sharing with the customer at relevant stages of the service delivery would go a long way in increasing the customer perception of the enterprise. This requires the enterprise to communicate with its customer in a more granular fashion. Which means more information needs to be shared with the customer at various stages of service delivery. For example a logistics company today notifies package shipment information and package delivery confirmation information, granularity means that they may be required to notify the tracking stages of the package.When the granularity of information sharing increases, there emerges a need for a non-intrusive method of delivering such notifications. Popular channels in use today (SMS & EMAIL) are not suited for such granular communication or frequent messaging. Enterprises are also burdened with cost considerations and lack of contemporary capabilities of these legacy channels of communication. Next generation mobile in-app messengers available in the market today address all of the impediments with these legacy channels allowing the enterprises to communicate freely. Some of the next generation capabilities to look for in a mobile messenger could be

  • Ability to communicate with Rich Text
  • Ability to embed transactional buttons in messages
  • Ability to invoke back-end transactions through messaging
  • Ability to optionally password protect messages
  • Ability to embed images and video links with-in messages
  • Ability to process payments through messages
  • Ability to handle bi-directional structured messaging

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