How WhatsApp business API opened up a world of possibilities for brands

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps globally with over 1.5 billion users. Its journey to quick global adoption is due to its non-intrusive, non-ad, and entirely personal nature. With the addition of end-to-end encryption, business messaging is as secure as it gets with WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API empowers businesses to communicate with their customers through automated and personalized transactional messages once users have “opted in” to receive messages. Similarly, customers can also initiate conversations with their preferred businesses using WhatsApp, for support related queries.

The real impact of  WhatsApp Business API  is on how fast, simple, reliable it can be when it comes to business to customer messaging. Businesses can now reach their customers on a channel that they know for sure is always being checked. This means businesses can now send high-value messages like flight tickets, boarding passes, order confirmations, price drop, and stock alerts directly to a user’s WhatsApp chat.

The primary benefit of using WhatsApp business is enhanced customer service through word’s most preferred messaging app.

So how can WhatsApp Business API help your business?

Here are some examples of how brands have successfully leveraged WhatsApp business API

  • – uses WhatsApp to send confirmations and itinerary updates
  • BookMyShow- send customers their ticket via the messaging app after booking a film
  • Bank BRI- offers conversational banking features via WhatsApp
  • Wish- lets customers track their orders via messaging.

As you can see the scope of using WhatsApp business API for customer communications is enormous.

Enabler of “interactive” communications through WhatsApp Business API

Now that we have understood how WhatsApp business API can potentially be a game changer in customer service domain – Imagine a “WhatsApp campaign builder” that makes it easier for businesses to “automate” their communications flow.

Twixor’s “WhatsApp journey builder” as we call it, allows enterprises to design and build rich conversational experiences through WhatsApp business API. The easy-to-use drag and drop module comes with capabilities to embed conversations with rich media, document sharing, audio, location and much more.

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You can use this drag-and-drop tool to create automated messaging workflows in minutes for WhatsApp business API.No coding required.

Enterprise customers today, find it much easier to launch “interactive” campaigns on WhatsApp business API with ease and at a much faster pace. A win-win scenario for both brands and their customers. They are now able to go to market with creative messaging in a matter of minutes and delight their customers with “two-way” interactive messaging and witness higher engagement rates.

*Twixor is first of its kind ‘customer engagement platform’ which brings together the power of ‘bi-directional actionable messaging’ and ‘Business Process Management (BPM)’.By leveraging the power of Progressive Web Apps(PWA) the platform ushers enterprises into a truly “app”-less computing era with its channel agnostic feature.