Secure Actionable Messaging to Improve Healthcare Operation

In most healthcare facilities, the communication among doctors is esoteric, disorganized, and potentially dangerous as it relates to patient care. Compromise in communications could be tied to more than 60 percent of all reported sentinel events in USA in 2011. To improve communication efficiency healthcare personnel (doctors, nurses, administration office) are relying on SMS, instant messengers and emails. In doing so, they are possibly exposing themselves to unrecognized information compromises?


SMS (Short Message Service) messaging is innately insecure and noncompliant with safety and privacy guidelines under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Messages containing confidential patient information can be read by anyone, forwarded to anyone, remain unencrypted on telecom providers’ servers, and reside permanently on mobile phones. Studies have shown that nurses spend as much as 90+ minutes every day on tracking down doctors for an approval or confirmation.


The need of the hour is a secure actionable private enterprise messaging app on mobiles which can take away the risks associated with communicating potentially secure patient information over an internet connection. By using a private, secure texting network, doctors, nurses, and staff can not only send and receive patient information but also achieve the following goals

  • Improve communication efficiency
  • Make educated decision by having all data points on hand
  • Get all stake holders to decision making on the same page
  • Efficiently communicate lab results, treatment procedures, and medical histories, allowing the doctor to have all information readily available.
  • Speed up emergency response
  • Integrate with hospital management systems to generate automatic notifications of pending events


Actionable messaging a key feature that is available with contemporary enterprise messenger apps bring in the additional capabilities apart from keeping the actors (doctors, nurses, and administration) informed. Apart from notifications actionable messaging can help

Patients to

  • Access their health records securely through messaging
  • Confirm and approve treatment options
  • Pay their bills through the messenger (no more long checkout queues – developing countries)
  • Clarify and coordinate with their insurance providers
  • Forward lab results and records to other physicians for opinion (through messaging)
  • Confirm appointments

Doctors to

  • Approve treatment options
  • Approve billing and payments
  • Confirm appointments
  • Prescribe emergency medicine

Healthcare Institutions to

  • Transact with their patients, doctors & vendors through messaging
  • Secure approvals from patients, doctors & insurance organizations for the treatment in question
  • Process payments in a ubiquitous manner (using messaging)
  • Delegate (schedule) work, tasks, appointment and get confirmation
  • Coordinate all logistics with respect to hospital functioning through messaging

Actionable messaging ensures that all communication are recorded in a structured fashion and can be referred at a future date in an eventuality of an audit or scrutiny through computing queries and reports.