Transforming how and where consumers shop with WhatsApp Business Solutions

WhatsApp, which is accessible in over 180 countries, is constantly adding new features to make the lives of its users easier and to raise the bar for better connectivity in the industry. Businesses can now interface with over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users easily and securely. Twixor has improved its connectivity services for companies all over the world by extending its scope to WhatsApp bots.

Customers have made it clear that messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others are the most preferred contact and social platforms, with billions of messages sent each day. Customers want to communicate with companies the same way they interact with their friends and family in today’s internet-based world through messages, chats, and posts and interface with end-to-end fulfillment

According to research undertaken by Bain & Company, a 5% rise in customer retention will result in a 25% increase in profit.

The best way to maximize customer satisfaction is to improve the customer experience through Twixor Omnichannel Journey Builder, which is why e-commerce businesses are still searching for new ways to have a tailored customer experience.

Twixor Omnichannel Journey Builder has opened up a new avenue of customer engagement for e-commerce businesses and it has transformed how people shop and do e-commerce. It is a zero-code platform that builds customized journeys for the digital messaging age. Twixor’s omnichannel journey builder allows not only on WhatsApp which is the world’s most popular messaging platform, but orchestrate journey on other social messaging channels like Viber, and Facebook messenger too. Any business can set up an interface with WhatsApp and engineer business solutions using the Twixor Omnichannel Journey Builder.

The integration of business solutions through WhatsApp provides a simplified experience for customers and streamlines the process of buying, providing them with the ease and convenience of identifying and purchasing products via WhatsApp. It provides the customer with awareness of the business so the customer can safely assess their options, consider the products and purchase the products through a very safe and secure payment screening system. This process is very simplified due to the fact that it’s all interfaced within the social messaging channel. The customer can refer to the same channel for post-purchase services like tracking, order confirmation, etc. This simplified channel will help businesses in customer retention considering the fact that the business is easily accessible. Hence, the enterprise will establish a solidified loyalty with the customers due to the accessibility of the business solutions.

Hyper personalized messaging interface

You can create business and e-commerce-based workflow on WhatsApp messaging platform and use it to engage with customers and create a personalized interface where you can experience end-to-end fulfillment provided to you through our custom-driven AI/NLP workflows. This Twixor Omnichannel Journey Builder is a surefire way for enterprises to succeed in engaging their customers because WhatsApp takes you where your customers are. Twixor is a WhatsApp business solution provider to various enterprises where they can help use our WhatsApp bots to provide a customized and personalized engagement module to their customers so they can experience the service and interface, efficiently and effectively.

Build strong customer relations

All types of business and customer-based enterprises want to build stronger customer relationships and solidify their customer base at the end of the day. Twixor makes this process much simpler and easier by providing a low code Omnichannel Journey Builder, a closed and secure platform through which you can enable one-on-one personalized engagements and communication with each and every customer individually.

In addition to that, by connecting with customers on a platform with which they are familiar, businesses can enter a different and much more intimate and social space in their customers’ lives which is new found land in terms of businesses and e-commerce making WhatsApp Business Solutionsone of the most effective business interfaces ever

Virtually integrated customer support services

Around 76 percent of today’s customers prefer a quick self-service solution to resolve any problems they may encounter while shopping.

E-commerce companies should consider using WhatsApp to deploy a virtual assistant that will serve as a point of contact for both current and new customers. Visitors will be greeted by the virtual assistant, who can also answer some of the most frequently asked questions. When all self-service options have been exhausted or a high-priority inquiry has been detected, a customer representative may be connected to the chat to take over the conversation. By doing so you will employ WhatsApp bots to take over and fulfill customer service requests and provide an instantaneous response to your customers without any turnover time. This will ensure customers of the quick service that takes place in the interface and will build stronger customer relations and a good brand recall.

E-commerce companies should map their customer journey and find opportunities at each phase on how their brand can over-deliver on customer service. Once that is done, it is easy to have systems and processes in place that can provide an outstanding customer experience.

Enabling personalized customer service with a fully automated end-to-end fulfillment is critical, and if e-commerce brands can make it happen on the instant messaging channels favored by their customers, they will reap the rewards that come with stronger customer relationships and a better shopping experience. WhatsApp Business Solutions enables e-commerce companies to meet the growing expectations of today’s customers seamlessly.