Digitally transforming patient journeys with WhatsApp Chatbots for healthcare.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries globally, making it the unrivalled global market leader in the domain of instant messaging. The simplest and most cost-effective way to leverage this humongous reach of WhatsApp is through the judicious use of WhatsApp chatbots. Healthcare organizations can leverage the power of WhatsApp bots to connect with their clients and patients in an organic and timely manner.

Technology like artificial intelligence has helped the healthcare sector progress a long way. WhatsApp bots integrated with Natural language processing(NLP) have the potential to make life easier for patients, doctors, nurses, and other health care clinic staff in several ways. These WhatsApp chatbots for healthcare go beyond mere rule-based answers to analyze text and speech, understand intent and context, generate responses and continually learn from queries to carry out actual conversations with a user like a human.

Healthcare organizations that adopt conversational AI in the early stage get one real advantage which is, by deploying NLP trained WhatsApp bots in healthcare, they can access clinical engagement and better know their patient’s wellbeing in advance. Essentially the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare is achieved through a long journey where the level of trustworthiness has to be raised by removing the wide presence of legacy systems and start moving towards a modern healthcare infrastructure.

Annual cost savings derived from the adoption of virtual assistants in healthcare will reach 3.6 billion globally by 2022, from an estimated 2.8 million in 2017 – JUNIPER RESEARCH

Some of the common problems that customers face when dealing with healthcare brands and organizations are frequent delays, lack of personalized attention, inefficient patient service, and a disconnect between online and offline experience, all of which can be remedied with the help of effective healthcare chatbots.

WhatsApp Business for healthcare brands

In addition to this, WhatsApp Business API can help healthcare companies access the vast community of their users cost-effectively through chatbots built instantaneously to address the queries and concerns of patients globally. Also, automated conversation over WhatsApp can reduce time window at hospitals, enhance patient handling capacity and help patients self-serve.

  1. Booking Appointments and Timely Reminders

Conversational bots can save hospitals potentially millions of dollars by increasing staff efficiency while automating routine tasks such as enabling customers to book appointments and follow-ups and paying bills. Instant appointment bookings and timely reminders on WhatsApp reduces the void between online and offline experience.

  1. Medical claims 

Claiming an insurance policy for treatment has been a cumbersome task. With the presence of WhatsApp API, these processes are made frictionless. The significance of using WhatsApp chatbots is that one can effortlessly know the detailed coverage of insurance fund that is on offer, thereby helping patients claim with no chaos and empower them with a status tracking facility.

  1. Billing and registration

Integrating WhatsApp bots with backend billing, inventory, and insurance claims management systems allow healthcare providers to quickly and easily generate invoices for payments. WhatsApp Bots allow users to pay bills and register with the healthcare provider to avail utmost care and service without delay.

  1. Document Downloads

Users can download lab reports, X-rays, patient cards, medicals bills and insurance claim forms over WhatsApp.

Twixor WhatsApp Journey Builder for your healthcare business

Twixor provides a low-code, full-stack, Hyperautomation platform that enables healthcare companies to elevate user experience by delivering a fully-fledged service through an instant messaging channel. The omnichannel, multi-lingual and AI/NLP trained conversations will allow you to access a fully automated process. We also provide live support agents for further clarification and deliver hyper-personalization with our unique HTML rich cards. Twixor is here to transform patient care and kickstart the digital age of healthcare.

Hospitals and clinics can Twixor WhatsApp journey builder to enhance their patients’ experience. An Omnichannel communication approach with features that makes your brand more approachable.