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Don’t change just work but change your work-life.

Help us on our mission to eliminate friction in business communications and pave path for the chat economy


Everything you need and more

We want to help you be at your best. Our compensation and benefits focus on your well-being, happiness and prosperity. Now that we’re remote, we make sure that your transition to working remotely is really smooth.

Compensation & ownership options

You’ll get a competitive salary, with ESOPs that are comparable to Silicon Valley standards, not India.

Flexible hours

You have the freedom to work the way you want, as long as you get the job done. Take the time off you need to revitalize!

Health Insurance

We offer you and your family health insurance which is Independent of your salary.

Working at Twixor

Everything we do at Twixor is centered around how you feel. In order to feel great, one must experience a sense of belonging and accomplishment, constantly. You will experience certain behavior traits that make up the overall culture at Twixor. The only thing that’s unique is that we know these traits at work is hard work.

We are people-centric and highly collaborative. Prioritizing longevity, we believe we are on a marathon and not on a sprint, so we focus on work-life balance and happiness at the workplace.

Our Culture

Culture is notoriously difficult to define. But the collection of our values, people, actions, words, and even code and products add up to something greater than simply the sum of each part. It spills over and invigorates us. And since we value diversity, Twixor’s culture is even still more difficult to define because it is nothing standardized, rote or habitual.

We are a living organism, adjusting to the customers that we serve, the people we take on our team, and the genius they bring to their work. In the end, we get things done but with care and consideration for all that our work touches. We welcome with dignity all that comes.

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