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Automate, Engage & Convert end-to-end Insurance Activities with Conversational Bots

Make claim handling, new customer onboarding, and Policy Management seamless with deeper interaction with your policyholders through AI Chatbots for Insurance. Redefine your policy assist and insurance cycle management with AI.

Build an Innovative, Engaging Insurance Platform

Reimagine Your Insurance Service Landscape

Life Insurance

Execute operations like claim processing, settlement, premium payment, lead generation, and virtual support with superior customer experience.

Health Insurance

Engage your health insurance policyholders, onboard new customers & automate claim settlement through a personalized AI insurance Bot.

Auto Insurance

Streamline car insurance applications, automate the filling of accidental claims and deliver immediate service to your end customer without compromising on CX.
Insurance Bot Available to New & Existing Policy Holders at All times

AI Chatbots for Insurance Available to Policy Holders at All times

Automate Complex  Insurance Processes

Simplify the way your policyholders and new customers business with you. Twixor’s insurance bot makes customer satisfaction a priority which in return creates happy policyholders and boosts business profits. Reimagine customer journey, servicing, sales, claims, and policy management.

AI Chatbots for Insurance for automated claims handling

Reduce Call Volume & Support cost By Automating Claim Management

Root out the conventional claim follow-up process, let our AI insurance Bot take care of insurance claim processes. Reduce your TAT of settlement and deliver super-quick resolutions to policyholders. Create a journey flow that handles end-to-end fulfillment of your customers’ insurance services.

  • Automate Claim Filing
  • Process & Approval Check
  • Auditing & Reporting
  • Settlement Process Details
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Run Personalized Campaigns For Better Up and Cross-sells of Insurance Products

Greet your customers with their names, and recommend relevant policies to them by running personalized campaigns. Indulge dynamic information, add insurance products based on customers’ behavioral metrics and turn the conversations into conversions. Run re-engagement campaigns to accelerate follow-ups and win repeat customers. 

  • New Policy Launch
  • Reminders on Premium Bills
  • Deep Lead Qualification
  • Offer Rewards
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AI Chatbots for Insurance for personalized experience
AI Chatbots for Insurance for rich conversations

Pull Out Dynamic & Interactive Data with Rich cards That Attract Policyholder

Brush up the fully extensible image with in-built tools, splash up consolidated data and wow your customers with rich card content. Deliver policy schemes, claim settlement details, Quote comparisons, Car insurance plans, and more policies in an intuitive way. 

  • Claim Medical Filing
  • Lead Generation
  • Suite of Insurance Products
  • Quote Generation Bot
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Say Hello To Your Policyholders on Channels they Prefer

Be available on platforms and channels your customers spend most of the time. Make it easier for your customers to find their new policies, avail more clarity and get responses to their policy-related queries. Deliver service related to claims, policy quotations, and entire policy management across all instant messaging platforms.

  • Quick Access to Service
  • Immediate Response on the go
  • Better Customer Journey, No waiting!
  • Reduce Agents & Ops Cost
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omnichannel AI Chatbots for Insurance
Blend of Conversation and Automation to Maximize Insurance Efficiency

Conversational platform to build modernize Insurance Services

Segment your audience, personalize each campaign and drive leads to your insurance service at scale. No dependency on marketing tools. Reach your customers at their preferred channel. Monitor the campaign performance, CTRs, and other metrics

  • Behavioral Data
  • Automate Claim Handling
  • Personalize Insurance Quotes 
  • Automate Policy Purchase