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Supercharge Personalized Shopping Experience with

Conversational Commerce

Reinvent retail experience for today’s digitally focused customer with smart conversational commerce solution. Improve customer support, engagement, and turn insights into conversion across channels with an AI-powered Shopping Experience.

Built to Engage, Support, and Convert Sales

Reinvent your Retail Business with

Ecommerce Chatbots

Retail Virtual Businesses

Transform the landscape of your retail business with conversational AI chatbot platform that delivers 24/7 intelligent assistant support across operations.

After-Sales Support

Automate sales-oriented inquiries by integrating Conversational Chabot with a database to fetch and handle requests of customer orders, invoices, tracking of orders, and warranties.

B2B eCommerce

The Bot can act as a lead generation platform, collects feedback, and provide quick resolutions on time with its Natural law of processing complaints and suggestions.
Automate Retail Selling & CX

Deliver Retail Experience—more Digital, Integrated and Personalized.

Explore Retail CX Automation

Multiply Up-sell & Cross-sell without compromising on the Customer Shopping Experience. Power today’s retail stores digitally, enabling customers to shop, inquire and deliver reviews based on their shopping experience. Conversational commerce connect local customers, reduce operational cost and drive higher profit.

ecommerce chatbots for end-to-end fulfilment

Establish Future Retail Experience with Conversational Commerce

Automate shipping and order updates through conversation to users’ preferred channel with consolidated data. Deliver curated or specific intent-based information to customers in a more personalized and appealing manner throughout the order fulfillment process. Implement Rich card templates between any journey flow to engage and convert each conversation with customers. 

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment rate
  • Maximize CSAT
  • Order Products through chat
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Enforce Omnichannel-based Ecommerce chatbots to Increase Customer Retention

Keep the momentum of shopping and support to customers going 24/7. Offer automated returns, exchanges, and other invoice or product-related inquiries with the help of an AI-powered Virtual Assistant. Execute all these support scenarios in any preferred channels. Let your live executive take charge of occasions like escalations.

  • Product-related inquiries
  • Installation guide
  • Agent Hand-off Situations 
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conversational commerce for better customer service
Ecommerce chatbots for personalized offers

Strategize Better Outbound Marketing with Personalized Campaigns

Whether your customers are in an e-commerce app, instore, or any other platforms, drive promotions of your most selling products right into their inbox in no time. Deliver a personalized and end-to-end shopping experience from adding to chart, billing, and post-purchase activities in a single chat screen. Multiply your conversion rate and reduce the churn rate.

  • Cross-sell & up-sell products
  • Send Promotion Messages & Offers
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate
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Encourage Internal Communication & Increase Sales with a Little Nudge

Increase your store sales and employee productivity by nudging your employees to focus on set tasks by automating repetitive tasks that can be handled by Twixor’s conversational commerce. Keep an eye on critical insights that decide the performance of your employees and agents. With set dashboards, view the end-to-end results.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Employee Performance audit
  • Sales Numbers & Repeat customers   
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Conversational Commerce solutions reducing operational costs
No-code Journey Builder for Ecommerce Industry

Complete suite of Digital Commerce powered by AI

Deliver personalized deals, offers, and contextual product recommendations to users based on their behavioral insights. Maximize avg order value and sales effectively. With an in-built predictive analysis feature, understand the interest of your customers, order history, and run campaigns to drive leads. 

  • Product Comparison
  • Product Recommendation
  • Promotional Offers

Accelerate purchase decisions by delivering the right content, to the right customer, at the right time through chats turbocharged with NLP. Customize and build your own conversational flow for order-tracking, return, replacement, status and more use cases with our domain-specified Automation chatbot.

  • Payment within the chat 
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Drive Repeat Customers