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Engage, Automate & Convert end-to-end Insurance with Conversational Bots

AI-powered Intelligent Insurance

Augment CSAT across the Insurance Landscape

Life Insurance

Execute operations like claim processing, settlement, premium payment, lead generation, and virtual support with superior customer experience. 

Health Insurance

Engage your health insurance policyholders and onboard new customers through a personalized conversational experience.

Auto Insurance

Streamline car insurance applications, filling of accidental claims and deliver personalized service to your end-customer.
Sophisticated Feature-enabled CX Automation Platform

Unified and Personalized Insurance experience at scale

Insurance with Utmost Care

Simplify the way your policy holders and new customers business with you. With our CX Automation Platform, make customer satisfaction a priority which in return creates happy policyholders and boosts business profits.

Hyperautomate Claim Management

With an AI-powered conversational insurance bot, reduce your TAT and deliver super-quick resolutions to policy holders. With our light-weight ecosystem build reactive workflows that seamlessly automate.

  • Claim filing
  • Approval
  • Settlement process
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Omnichannel Insurance Support

Deliver support and services across channels where your customers feel comfortable and available. Conversational insurance provides the feasibility to connect and engage with your customers across

  • WhatsApp Business
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Business Message and more..
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Improve agent efficiency with Hybrid Chat

With AI powered  chatbot, reduce the operational complexities your live agents are facing in day-to-day work. Intelligent Virtual Assistant helps your insurance business in

  • Handling complex and repetitive tasks
  • Generating new inquiries
  • In improving first-call resolutions.
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Hyperpersonalization with Rich Cards

Deliver wider range of policies across your insurance portfolio in a more intuitive and rich format. Rich card helps your insurance company deliver more personalized offerings to customer.

  • Pre-approved offers
  • Intuitive notifying reminders
  • Marketing more personalized offerings   
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Blend of Conversation and Automation to Maximize Insurance Efficiency

Conversational platform to modernize Insurance Services

An AI-powered Conversational Bot simplifies insurance processes and provide personalized experience across all customer touchpoints.

  • Premium Calculator
  • Policy Comparison
  • Buy a Policy

Build automated interactions with billing of due payments, and balance information to customer without the need of shifting to other platforms.

  • Premium Payment Collection
  • Damage Assessment
  • Claim Filing

With Intelligent Virtual Agent, take your insurance support beyond manual processes. Automate internal support inqueries, claim inquiries & customer service for higher CX & business value.

  • Claim Processing
  • Claim Approval
  • Document Submission
  • Check Claim
Frictionless journey for your policy holders

Impact-driven Insurance with Conversation & Conversion

Leverage Product Recommendations

Simplify Insurance Claim Processes

Reduce Overall Support Costs

Automate Claim Management

Reduce Operational Costs

Prevent Fraud Claims

Strengthen backend & frontend Insurance with Conversational AI

Ample resources to boost your Customer Engagement

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Reduce Operational-cost, Improve Efficiency & Automate Insurance

Experience Using Conversational AI
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