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LCNC Journey Builder 

We’ve created an AI-powered Chatbot platform, Community, and Marketplace for Developers to augment Customer Journey & workflow automation.

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Build a Chabot that you can Try, Customize, and Scale.

Twixor is covered with everything you need to personalize conversation, onboard customers, collect conversational data, acquire reports, create advisory and automate processes.

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Twixor Team

A Global Community for Developers

Twixor Community

Dive into the ecosystem of modules that encompasses everything you need to build and manage the customer journey with functionalities like features, Chatbot, Conversation builder, etc.

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Twixor Marketplace

Meet a diverse group of Bot developers and passionate Bot Designers who build, train, test, and innovate Customer Experience using Twixor’s Low-code No-code Conversational Platform.

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We Have a Conversational AI Platform Built with Developers Like You in Mind.

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Onboarding Included

Lifetime Free Access

Scale as you Grow

Easy to Build

We have made the process of building chatbots much easier and hassle-free so that you don’t need to brainstorm many codings. 

You’ll Feel Productive

You will have every tool and module in control to accomplish chatbot solutions. You’ll be amazed at the short time spent on building workflows.

Become Expert in Chatbot Area

Get unlimited access to a library of no-code resources, training videos & tutorials to accomplish chatbot automation flows.

Exchange Ideas & Make Connections

Join the community of 5,000+ chatbot developers & no-code professionals to get answers to your questions and make meaningful conversations.

Test, Debug & Launch

We provide an end-to-end debugger to understand what’s happening behind the scene for every step of the conversation. Execute NLU tracing, testing & debug streaming logs.

Step 1

Sign Up : Sign in to the workflow dashboard to get access to pre-built workflow templates from the marketplace. The Sign Up is free. No payment or credit card is required. By signing up,

  • You create your Twixor account as a new user.
  • You’ll get access to unlimited tutorial videos and resources from our Bot developer experts. 
  • Access to hundreds of bot templates, opportunity to leverage your no-code skill and revenue possibility.  
Pre-built workflow templates

Step 2

Design Workflows, Message Template & Customize Journey: Customize dialog box, message template with rich messages and make conversations more engaging and automated. By setting up the start point, you  can get the conversation going. 

  • Add catchy visuals such as images, Cards & Carousel to the messages to intensify engagement.
  • Add buttons and quick replies to keep the conversation simple and effective for the users.
  • Establish end-to-end fulfillment of the customer journey by adding live agents options & straightforward Go-to actions.
Drag and Drop workflow builder

Step 3

Sync Bot with Apps and Tools to Connect with Customer Data: Exchange customer data between the chatbot platform and your application to personalize conversation with intent-based context & data.

  • Twixor is compatible to connect with 150+ web applications to automate tedious tasks. 
  • Connect with industry-leading CRMS, Commerce, and Live agent platforms to make API-calls.
  • Archive significant information, segment them and create personalized campaigns.
Sync Bot with Apps

Step 4

Configure the Channel for Better Customer Personalization: Pick your customers’ preferred channels from our list of in-built channel connectors. Embed rich chat anywhere.

  • Deliver a multi-channel experience to customers through Twixor’s integration feasibility. 
  • Integrate with social channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Hangouts, and Slack.
  • Experience easy Plug-and-play channel deployment to reach customers wherever they are.
Promotional Campaigns

Step 5

Built-in Testing Tool for Perfection: A/B Test each journey flow you build before launch to maximize the performance and intent of the conversation.

  • Equipped with feasibility to test 5 different flows simultaneously for better performance. 
  • Test the bot using a dummy WABA number within your premises.
  • Consolidate the metrics such as active, engaged, new users, data-sync, and more to improve performance and decision-making.
Inbuilt Testing

Step 6

Deploy the Journey on Marketplace & Across Platforms: Launch the Bot Across channels, marketplace, build meaningful conversations, and start the CX automation journey with a bang!

  • Build different workflow templates using Twixor modules for different use cases and industries.
  • Deploy each template on our Marketplace that helps hundreds of developers and businesses.
  • Take your chatbot template into the future.
Journey Across Platforms

Step 7

Sell your Configured Chatbot to Profit Big:

Build a diversified chatbot template, make it adaptable to the derived use case, and dominate the marketplace. Get in early and reap bigger revenue. 

  • Rent, share, and sell the chatbot template you’ve built to 1000’s of users.
  • It’s absolutely free to list down your chatbot templates built using Twixor modules.
  • Make your Twixor chatbot template shine and earn revenue based on commissions.
Configured Chatbot to Profit Big

Connect the Bot To Any Application and Tools to Automate Customer Journey

Messaging Channels

IT Service Management Apps

Commerce Platforms

We have Got You Covered With All The Checklist To Make Workflow Automation Simple & Efficient

Integration & Maintenance Support

Experiencing issues while integrating Twixor with your application or don’t find built-in APIs to connect with your product? Our dedicated team can help you with integration and maintenance support.

1000+ Member Community Support

Get instant replies to your concerns on Twixor and the AI Conversational platform from experts within the community. An open conversation platform for every developer keeping pace across AI chatbots.

Insightful & Instant Help from Community

Find answers to all questions from Twixor’s help desk. Follow the golden rules of chatbot creation, journey customization, and more derived from our AI experts. Avail instant support by posting your query on the Twixor community

Accelerate Industry – specific AI Chatbot Modules

Customer Experience Automation

Automate customer service processes, resolve problems, and improve team productivity.

Retail & Commerce Experience

Resolve order-related queries, share order updates and minimize cart abandonment rates.

Conversational Marketing Experience

Run personalized campaigns, engage customers, and boost conversion rate.

Conversational Logistics Experience

Troubleshoot customer problems on the go, streamline logistic operations, and delight customers.

Transactional Banking Experience

Simplify consumer payment options, automate advisory queries and improve customer satisfaction.

Insurance & Healthcare Experience

Personalize patient onboarding, automate claim filling processes and transform healthcare-related services.

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