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Deliver App-like Chat Experiences over messaging channels

Build, Customize and Automate Customer Journey via Web-browsers to trigger transactional conversion and conversation at the same time.

Forever Free for Developers !

Deepen Customer Experience & Engagement with App’less Intelligent Bot

Deliver a rich and actionable interaction experience to your customers right from an app-like platform. Build your own customer journey, customize it, deploy and reap business values.

Deliver App’less CX Journeys In Combination with Automation and Conversation now

Build End-to-End Journeys Effortlessly with a Smart Workflow Builder

An Feature-loaded journey workspace to design, train, test, and accomplish your Intelligent Automated Virtual Assistant for Better Conversion & CX.

With a click-and-add interface, you can build an interactive virtual assistant with API connectors and forms that can be deployed as a PWA journey.

Twixor’s EnCaps are in-built with theme customization features to design the message template, pop-ups, forms, and GUI to engage and attract a new customer base.

Gain complete access to user activities, preferences, and drop-out journeys to plan actionable strategies for your campaign. Optimize each journey to build user loyalty and better CX.

Redirect your customers to any desired interface such as forms to register, Web forms for multiple purposes, API (To callback data), or any application from their preferred channels.

Twixor EnCapsBuilt to Deploy Your App’less Conversational Bot in Clicks!

Automate Customer Onboarding
Streamline Dynamic FAQs
Optimize Inline forms & Webhooks
Schedule Dates and Appointments

Make Order Payments

Track Order Details
Host Surveys

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Supports 30+ Digital Platforms To Automate Interactions Seamlessly

Seamless integrations

Twixor EnCaps is Built with an Ecosystem to Integrate with your business Tools such as CRM, Employee Engagement, Project Management, and Real-time Communication Tools.

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Deliver superior CX without letting your customers download any App

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