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Turn Every Search Into lead and Sales with

Google’s Business Messages

Combine the power of conversational AI with Google’s Search to connect with your customers, drive leads, conversions, and delight customers.

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Get Discovered on the 92% of Worldwide Search Traffic

With Twixor, Build your own Google My Business Chatbot that understands consumers’ intent, generates leads & builds customer loyalty.

Build Conversations That Matters

Create a direct channel that let’s your users communicate with your brand using rich messaging experiences like quick replies, carousels, etc.

Engage in the Moments of Need

Initiate conversations right from Google My Business or Google Maps listings with a built-in conversational interface. No complex developments, simple & easy plugins.

Turn Utmost CX into Conversions

Implement quick response facilities like scheduling appointments, checking in-store stock, updating reservations, curbside pickup, and more to turn every search into conversion.

Expand Market Value & Connect with New Users

Google Business Messages helps you connect directly with your customers in their moment of need, increasing trust and customer loyalty. Bring in live virtual agents to automate support-related queries and route chat to calls or agents.

GBM Caraousals
Promotional Campaigns
Google business messaging rich card
Google Business Messaging Richcard

Maximize Sales and Digital Brand Trust

Conversational AI chatbots for Google Business Messages enables your customers to buy directly from your brand through offering product recommendations, appointment scheduling, payment collection, and more actions within the chat.

Build Conversational Experience From Google’s All Entry Points

Google Business Messaging Rich Cards

Diverse Industry Use Cases for Google Business Messages with Conversational AI

Banking/Financial Services


  • Report Lost Cards
  • Open New Accounts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Mortgage Rates

Ecommerce Services


  • Promote Special Offers
  • Order confirmation/Status
  • Delivery Address Changes
  • Product Recommendations

Logistics Services


  • Track a Package
  • Check Delivery Status
  • Change Order Address
  • Calculate Delivery Cost

Retail Services


  • Book Store Appointment
  • Consult Experts
  • Inventory Status
  • Product/Service Location
No Coding Required. Low-code No-code Chatbot Development
Ready to Launch Solution. Onboard users on the go.
Run Campaigns. Generate Leads. Reap Sales.

Discover Users, Engage Customers, Sell Products & Re-engage with Google Business Messages Powered By AI Conversational Chatbot

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