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Conversational AI in banking is trending. Banks can bridge the gap between convenience and personalized customer service with conversational AI. In this blog, we will highlight the role of conversational AI in different stages of banking.


AI chatbots automatically engage with potential leads, people who have sent email queries or visited the company website. The chatbot will promote services, refer to a sales representative, answer queries, etc. Ultimately, it can effectively carry conversations with customers and boost conversation rates.

Usually, bank representatives have to find potential leads, but the process is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, banks can incorporate conversational AI in their banking and make things easier.


Once a bank attracts potential consumers, they need to introduce its products and services. Therefore, modern chatbots can assist them with a more personalised service and product recommendations in line with the consumer’s interest.


Chatbots can convert a potential lead into sales as they sensorize the digital properties where all the buying information is listed. Furthermore, a conversational AI is trained to read the purchasing habits of potential buying consumers. They use historical observations and continuous learning to identify good leads.


After converting a potential lead as their customer, banks will want to take things to the next level. A conversational AI can update the mailing lists of the customers, recommend new products, etc.

Twixor offers banks the to automate and streamline customer interactions and attract new customers more effectively through its advanced technology. The platform is compatible with various channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

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