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Revolutionize Healthcare with

Conversational Bots

Personalize patient care, improve operational efficiency and optimize administrative costs with an AI-powered Healthcare Chatbot

Reshaping healthcare experiences of the future

Transform Healthcare Journey with Care and Conversation

Patient Outreach

Automate patient registration, appointment scheduling, and management effectively without the hassle of drudge-intensive loads. Automate clinical operations  with Conversational AI.

Healthcare Providers

A right tool that helps your staff and nurses to automate repetitive activities such as care reminders, immediate medical advisory and more. Enable staff to connect with more patients and deliver better medical care.

Doctor Engagement

Intelligent Virtual Assistants distinct for healthcare helps to deliver intent-based solutions and hand-offs to the right doctor for specific needs. This reduces patient registration and waiting time and avail care with ease.
Conversation-driven, Personalization-led healthcare

Propel Healthcare Experience today & in the future

Deliver a truly personalized Care!

Modernize your healthcare service delivery, and meet new patients where they are with a sophisticated chatbot that can be deployed across channels. Deliver industry defining patient engagement and clinical experience with intent-driven patient journey. Turn your hospital back office into an analytical hub to deliver secure support to patient queries by understanding their behavior.

Humanizing Healthcare with Virtual Assistant.

Accelerate self-service possibilities with our virtual bot powered with NLP. Swipe between virtual agent and live service seamlessly depending on patients’ intent. Enhance efficiency, improve patient experience, intelligently automate healthcare operations and drive better outcomes to increase overall healthcare support.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Care Direction
  • Download Reports
  • Prescription Reminders

Dynamic Patient Information To Deliver Timely Care

Get access to a complete view of users’ activity and their journey drop based on the data collected from patients’ behavioral activity. The data helps to engage patients, understand their needs and nurture strong relationships between patients and healthcare organizations. Doctors can download vast reports on patients’ history to make care-driven decisions.
  • Patient ID & Name
  • Symptoms
  • Early Diagnosis Info
  • Prescribed Medicines

Deliver a Spectrum of Personalized Healthcare Services with Actionable Messaging

Deliver intent-based information to patients with the blend of intelligent process automation. Automate doctor consultation, back-office processes and deliver patient information in a more appealing format. Deliver collective information to patients such as appointment booking schedules, prescriptions, and billings sort of content across their preferred channel.

  • Upload Prescriptions
  • Download Lab Reports
  • Automate Claim Process
  • Intent-based Response

Run Personalized Healthcare Campaigns To Trigger More Conversation & Patient Outcomes

Run N number of reminders and awareness campaigns across patients’ preferred channels, direct to their inbox. The personalized reminders on regular health check-ups and meditation nutrition advice increase the relationship between your hospital brand and customers. Track patients’ health through suggestions on

  • Send Reminders on Health Check
  • Promote Special offers
  • Send Invitations & Deals
  • Helpful Information
Optimize Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Create Greater Access, Better Experiences and Improved Outcomes

Reduce Calls, In-person Visits & Emails for Appointments

Make the digital Healthcare ecosystem a reality with healthcare chatbots. Enable patients to book, change, modify or cancel appointments by building a customized journey across channels using AI conversational platform. 

  • Book Appointments
  • Locate Nearest Clinics
  • Reschedule Doctor Visit
  • Book Lab Visit

Generate Invoices for Consultation, Bill Payments for Seamless Experience

Accelerate end-to-end fulfillment of patient journey right from appointment booking to payment process within the same chat screen. Twixor’s AI is built-in with integration of the world’s safest payment gateway to initiate healthcare related payments.

  • Pay Consultation Bill
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Invoice Generation
  • Drug Cost Information

Deliver Seamless Patient & Clinical Experience Beyond Business Hours

Medical Practitioners or support teams need not jiggle between papers. Patients can track their entire medical records, prescriptions, and other details with a click from their desired channel. 

  • Medical Records
  • Lab Reports
  • Medical Equipment Procedure
  • Treatment Advisory

Close the gap between making Digital Healthcare a priority and making it a reality. Enable patients to book, change, modify or cancel appointments through building a customized journey across channels using AI conversational platform.

  • Book Doctor Appointment
  • Locate Nearest Clinic
  • Reschedule Doctor Visit
  • Book Lab Visit

Augment user experience by enabling your users to pay bills over instant messaging channel of their preference. Improve customer satisfaction by allowing friction-less claim management over mobile conversations with AI driven bots.  Deliver end-to-end healthcare fulfilment with conversational journey builder

  • Billing Inquiries
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Prescription Drug Information

Medical Practitioners or support teams need not jiggle between papers, allow them to receive Patient Information instantly on WhatsApp or other Chat channels. Patients can track, download & upload their entire

  • Medical records
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab Reports
  • Insurance Claim Documents
A Healthcare-specific Automation Platform

Reimagine Healthcare Experience. Strive Unlimited Values.

Doctors Freed-up

Scale Patient Support

24/7 Patient Care

Improve Patient Care Quality

Win Patient Trust

Strengthen Admin Efficiency

Strengthen Backend & Frontend Banking Line with Conversational AI

Ample Resources to Boost Your Way of Banking Experience

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Reduce Operational-cost, Improve Efficiency & Healthcare

Experience Using Conversational AI
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