The Clinic of Tomorrow in Healthcare

Patient-centric approach: Access lab result, pay hospital bills, schedule follow-ops & more.

“Annual cost savings derived from adoption of virtual assistants in healthcare will reach $3.6 Billion globally by 2022, from an estimated 2.8 million in 2017”

Juniper Research

Healthcare network connectivity

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement



Auto-fix appointment enquiries, classify clinical documentation and regulate real-time ADT messages to improve patient experience.



Monitor progress, access to patient history, decrease workload and reduce misdiagnoses.



Full control of their data and in case of an emergency seek immediate support.

Healthcare network connectivity

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

EMI Conversion

A bot that knows all the doctors & departments

Assistant bots can schedule appointments for you without having to reach support.

Transform the patient experience by mapping them to the best-skilled doctors or nurses to address their needs.

All at one place - 360 degree patient care.

With the current skewed doctor-patient ratio, automate routine processes freeing up healthcare providers to focus on patients who need their support the most.

Pay hospital bills at ease

Enable patients to make easy and secure payments, adding convenience for patients while helping health care providers get paid faster.

It also helps patients to check claims for accuracy and seek insurance without discrepancies.

Rich Card Snippets (RCS)

Live Agent

Multilingual Conversational AI


Business Impact

Turnaround time improvement in asset processing 50%
Reduction in leakage rate while onboarding customer 85%
Estimated FTE optimization call center 70%

Engage with your customers like never before!