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Insurance chatbots are trending because it is providing a seamless, on-demand service and a personalized experience to insurance holders at their fingertips.

In this blog, we will highlight:

  • Important roles of chatbots in insurance
  • Future of chatbots


Chatbots are making things easier for customers. It can guide them to the specific information they need or give immediate solutions while preventing their need to explore a website or other interface.

All day customer support

An NLP-based chatbot can solve 80 per cent of queries without human intervention. In addition, they will be available 24/7 and clarify the majority of the doubts related to clauses, terms, conditions, etc., wasting much of your time.

Seamless claim process

Generally, insurance claiming can be a tedious process involving providers, adjusters, inspectors, and agents. The claim settlement can take up to a few months, and the customers have to follow up constantly.

A chatbot will make the claim process for customers easier than visiting the office. It will just seek a few details such as the claim’s nature and then initiate the filing process by choosing the customer’s policy from the company’s CRM.

What does the future hold?

Chatbots are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the insurance industry with its current success. They are poised to change the whole scenario of the industry by bringing changes in the pre-purchase, purchase, customer service, marketing, and other back-end operations.

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