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Supercharge Process Automation with an Intelligent LCNC platform

Drive operational excellence with our customizable & light weight Intelligent Business Process Automation Platform. Automate any Customer Journey and handle front-end customer inquiries and back-office processes.

Forever Free Access to Developers!

Purposefully built CX Automation tool to solve Operational Shortcomings

Intelligent Business Process Automation Platform Architecture

Augmented Intelligence

Tackle last mile intelligent automation challenges by synergizing RPA, DPA and BPM modules together.

Accelerated Innovation

Derive outputs faster than with legacy automated systems with no developer dependency.

Break Down IT Silos

Replace the traditional process of unifying data with customer analytics to match customers’ intent and generate actionable insights. 

Leave Legacy Bots behind, step into futuristic Intelligent business process optimization Infrastructure

Simplifying Complex Business Process  with all-in-one automation engine

Customer Journey Orchestration

Manage everything from Customer Onboarding to Service to Feedback

  • Leverage drag-and-drop environment to execute journey workflow without even writing down a single line of code.
  • Enhance customer experience by implementing rich data visualization like live chat, rich images & more.
  • Pre-populate automation forms synchronized with existing profile data from internal APIs to maximize customer satisfaction.
Customer Engagement Monitoring

Gain access to Real-time Reporting & Customer Analytics

  • Deploy new journeys, test them and maximize adoption rate in real-time with consistent customer feedback.
  • Tweak existing customer flow and improve customer experience by understanding customer behavior data.
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customer and journey analytics to track various KPIs such as campaign performance, communications, and feedback in order to drive new users.
Connect with existing data tools & Platforms

Twixor Powers Integration with any Data, Digital Service & Tools

  • Experience a powerful connection builder with 3rd party tools and apps to synchronize customer data matching the new journeys.
  • Bridge the gap between data silos and systems through pre-built APIs and connectors. Twixor is equipped with Universal Integration Layer to make better decisions.
  • Sync data from CRM, Call Center Software, Automation tools, and ticketing systems to adjust workflow and personalize CX.

Intelligent Automation that Delivers Significant Value

Intelligent CX Automation Platform Built To Create Limitless Business Values

Universal Integration Layer

Integrate with any 3rd party application making external data integration more streamlined and easier than before

Data Security

Supports end-to-end payload encryption and tested against all the known security vulnerabilities.

Drag and Drop Designer

Depict a workflow of your project and automate process in minutes reducing TAT

Document Management

Native document storage and synchronization services that allows your to store files and access the same across devices

Drive product innovation with workflow automation

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