Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Low-code all-in-one platform that can automate end to end business processes with ready-made social, mobile and cloud enablement.

Deliver an Impact using light-weight iBPMs

Low Code Drag-and-drop Visual Builder

Built on BPMN 2.0 industry standards, our visual drag-and-drop designer ensures low dependence on expensive, hard-to-find technical resources and shorter deployment cycles.

Low code drag-and-drop visual builder
Flexible API based architecture

Flexible API based architecture

Leverage REST (or SOAP) APIs to access data and integrate securely with legacy and other third-party systems, thereby extending the existing investment in the back-end enterprise office.

Secure and highly available by design

With an investment of over 80 person-years on research and development, we have successfully built a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, highly available, container ready, cloud-ready secure computing platform.

Secure and highly available by design
Messaging Scale Automation

Messaging Scale Automation

The platform is architected to enable automation of customer and partner processes at the internet / messaging scale. Enterprise can reach 100s of customers per minute over preferred messaging channels.

Simplifying Complex Business Process with Workflow Automation

Social BPM – Sharing & Collaboration

Run virtual organizations on the cloud. Have a collective view on all recent posts and activities of your team members enabling Collaborative Work Management.

Eliminate Duplication and Redundancy at the Enterprise level

Store and manage your business processes making it your single source of truth. Ensure all redundancies and duplications in business processes can be identified across the organization

Agile Work Management

With modules, seamlessly integrate multiple stakeholders to create a mock workspace. Enable teams with tools to create forms, workflows and execute with ease.

Universal Integration Layer

Work with nearly any third-party application, system, and device without coding, making external data integration more streamlined and easier than ever before.

BPMN 2.0 Compliant

We use standardized notations, making it easier for organizations to understand workflows and create a basis for resolving errors and optimizing processes.

Document Management

With our inbuilt document storage and retrieval system, generate custom documents on the fly by storing & retrieving a wide range of documents and integrate documents to core business processes.

Engage with your customers like never before !