Logistics that's Fast and Fluid

Warehouse Automation systems, Supply chain Management, Data exchange between the parties & more.

“80% of transport and logistics companies claim to focus on improving customer experience, 85% admit to the lack of clarity in defining a differentiated customer experience.”


Across the Logistics Value chain

Last mile connectivity

Manufacturers & Distributors

Manufacturers & Distributors

Analyze fleet performance and ensure the right distribution channels to send goods.



Easily forecast demand & supply, optimize warehouse picking routes and distribution of products

End User

End User

Information on ETAs, easier returns and exchanges and the possibility to leave feedback

Reconfigure your supply chain for a sleek Customer Experience

Reinvent Logistics

All-out order visibility and real-time updates

Enhance customer service with real-time tracking for orders, schedule pickups/drops on the go and send alerts in case of last-minute retail mishaps.

Data exchange at the click of a button.

Get quotes in just a few clicks, find transit hubs and warehouse pickups nearby, Share agreements/contracts for closure all within one platform.

Intelligent Inventory management

Instantly pay any impending freight or shipping charges for quicker delivery.

Conveniently monitor stock levels across channels. From the raw material to the finished product, automate supply chain processes with ease. Reduce operational costs with better stock visibility.

Rich Card Snippets (RCS)

Live Agent

Multilingual Conversational AI


Business Impact

Turnaround time improvement in asset processing 50%
Reduction in leakage rate while onboarding customer 85%
Estimated FTE optimization call center 70%

Engage with your customers like never before!