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Smoothen Last-Mile Delivery with Conversational AI in Logistics

Automate goods tracking, customer support operations and improve overall customer experience through AI-powered journey builder. Orchestrate delivery updates, post-purchase support, and end-to-end fulfillment with Conversational AI in Logistics

Enrich Customer Interactions Anywhere. Anytime!

Reinforce relationships everywhere with AI Powered Logistics Chatbot


Empower your customers’ relationship with your brand to become more agile and trustworthy. Deliver instant updates across delivery schedules, shipping notifications, and more instant queries with an intelligent Chatbot.


Beat the heat of complex operational efficiency between your carriers and inventory management. Deliver instant and real-time updates to customers or agents through the AI Bot.


Personalize onboarding new logistic providers, and streamline queries with pre-trained bots. Automate post-order-related support and reduce the burden of your support team using an intelligent AI Chatbot.
Expand Customer Value Proposition through Conversation

Make your Logistic Experience More Fast & Flawless

Keep Your Last Mile Delivery Connected Across Borders

Skyrocket your Logistics Response time without Compromising on CX. Let Conversational AI be an integral part of your customer-centric approach. Give your customers an intelligent 24*7 virtual assistant to provide information on order information, inquiries, supply chain management, order management, and delivery updates.  

Conversational AI in logistics with updates

Logistics Chatbot with Multiple Dashboards

Explore a 360-degree view of your bot and agents’ interaction in one intuitive dashboard that can be customized based on preferences. Enhance customer interaction at every stage of the journey through a deep understanding of their behavioral data, journey dropout, overall customer acquisition, and more.
  • Recent Activities
  • Total Chats
  • Avg Conversations
  • Post-purchase Queries

Conversational AI in Logistics for Omnichannel Experience

Take your business and support wherever your customer prefers to. Deliver customer-focused services by synchronizing your database and integrating Twixor’s AI conversational platform across channels like WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more.

  • Track Shipment with a click
  • Automatic API Handling
  • Unique Messaging for Different Channels
  • Profile-based Channel Sync
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Conversational AI in logistics for Omnichannel support
Conversational AI in logistics for data visualization

Rich Card Snippets

Deliver end-to-end details on orders in a most attractive way to your customers, vendors & clients.

Streamline every process and enable tracking availability of stock, delivery status, Return policies, and more in the form of collected information straight to their inbox. 

  • Customize Each Card
  • Adapts to Native UI
  • Dynamic & Interactive
  • Rich In-built Design Templates

Virtual/Live Agent

Scale the number of queries handled every day with Twixor’s Virtual assistant. Automate the end-to-end support system that enables your customers, vendors, and clients to place orders, track pick-and-drop points, routing, cancel, and more within a chat. 

  • NLP-powered Assist
  • Intent-based Recognition
  • Virtual Agent Handoff to Live Agent
  • Ticketing Automation
Conversational AI in logistics with live agent support
Scale Your Logistic Experience Everywhere

Conversational AI in Logistics designed in way to support all Usecases

Enable your customers to connect from their channel and resolve any issues anytime, anywhere. With the support of an intelligent virtual assistant, automate the routing of customers and stakeholders to the right department to get instant responses to their queries. Keep the support resolution process consistent by automating similar and intent-based request. Solve open tickets faster and improve productivity of your logistics support team.  

  • Order Tracking
  • Smart Routing
  • Book Delivery

Let the Virtual Bot take control of your complex processes like rescheduling orders and other troubleshooting activities. Automate each interaction and discover patterns that would change the outcome of the overall logistics business objective. Twixor’s Conversational AI for logistic ecompasses of multiple dashboards that deliver diversified insights on data to plan and redefine customer end-to-end fulfillment.   

  • Reschedule Delivery
  • Wrong Delivery
  • Place an order

Deliver the right information at the right time and earn the trust of your customers. Build repeat customers and reduce no.of support tickets. Update customers, partners and Dealers on supply chain happenings to keep your logistic business running smooth and flawless. Deliver real-time updates on payment queries, order placement, order delivery change and more on their preferred channels.  

  • Cross-sell Opportunities
  • Customer Reviews
  • Order Payments


Enable your customers to connect from their channel and resolve any issues anytime, anywhere.

Order Tracking

Smart Routing

Book Delivery

Let the Virtual Bot take control of your complex processes like rescheduling orders and other troubleshooting activities.

Reschedule Delivery
Wrong Delivery
Place an order

Be it simple fixed deposit, reinvestment deposit inquiry, or Monthly income plan details, Chatbots are trained to deliver precise and intent-based answers to customers for better CX.

Customer Reviews
Cross-sell Opportunities
Order Payments

Enhance your Overall Logistics Experience

Better operations with Conversational AI in Logistics

Better Inventory Management

Real-time Delivery Updates

Reduce Operational Costs

Strong Relationship b/w Supply & Demand

Support Customers Everywhere

Reduce Wrong Delivery

Strengthen Backend & Frontend Logistics Line with Conversational AI

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Reduce Operational-cost, Improve Efficiency & Automate Logistics

Experience Using Conversational AI
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