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Talk to your customers better with
Conversational Marketing

Skyrocket your Sales and Conversion rate with Personalized Marketing. Maximize Open Rates, Lead Conversion, and Customer Engagement across channels without compromising on customer experience.

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Conversational AI for Marketing

Drive Brand Awareness Visibility Resonance with Conversational AI.

Connect over any channels

Be on the right spot at the right time with relevant message. Trigger campaigns and connect with your customers on their preferred channels.

Customizable Journey builder

Attain end-to-end fulfillment by customizing the journey flow. Add rich message template & accelerate conversational experience to enhance customer engagement & conversions.

Customer Experience Automation

Intelligently automate end-to-end customer lifecycle management and handle non-core tasks that consume hefty time with the help of AI.

The platform fits all needs

Solution built to increase Conversion & CX

Inbound Conversational Marketing

Create customer journey with actionable messaging tailored to specific users in the form of promotions, recommendations, coupons, offers, and overall order lifecycle within user preferred channels. AI-bot multiplies potential lead generation and conversion rates.

Outbound Customer Engagement

Run campaigns to a bunch of users’ profiles to bring back lost customers through an automated AI conversational Workflow. The workflow can be triggered across channels to create awareness, product promotions, and potential buying options with better CX through Bot

Hyperpersonalized Lead Generation

Accelerate intent-based answers to customer queries by an intelligent chatbot. Enable Conversational AI bot to automate capturing of customer details to the category based on their product/service preference. Later, use the details captured for campaign purposes across channels.

Real-time Engagement & Conversion

Deliver impactful Marketing & Sales interactions.

Channel Based Interactions
Marketing Richcard

Run Multiple Campaigns Across Channels

Define Access Type/Multilingual

Categorize the campaign user base, language type, and access type, such as Public and Private, to gain more traction on up-sell & cross-sell.

Customized Message Templates

Create and customize each message template with options to add text, Images, Documents, and video based on the promotion type. The template comes with Header, Body, Footer, and Button types

Campaign Supports Multiple Channels

Run campaigns across channels like WhatsApp, Google Business message, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc.

Generate Demand & Potential Leads

Implement lead magnets, integrate Pay-Per-click advertising, and do more with ultimate engagement.

End-to-end Customer Analytics

Get access to reports such as Milestone, channel-wise, and overall customized analytical reports for better conversions.

Configure Web Application on the go

Enhance the interface of PWA with custom themes and configure webhooks in the form of buttons or forms or anything it could be.

Build Targeted Campaigns

Go beyond one-size fits all purpose marketing. Understand your customers’ preferences, segregate data, and metrics to maximize buying potential.

Supercharge Recommendations

With AI-driven Conversational Bot, match every user’s preference with their likable products & services and deliver product recommendations within the chat.

Maximize Repeat Customers

Enhance end-to-end product ordering fulfillment within the journey by integrating payments, product comparison, orders, shipping updates, and more.

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