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Twixor Takes the Centerstage as Customer Experience Partner at the CX Strategy Summit & Awards 2023

Irrespective of industry, Customer Experience is an intrinsic part of business success that directly impacts conversions, CSAT, and overall revenue. In order to supercharge a customer-centric approach and customer experience, Twixor empowers brands to adopt conversational automation across their support(pre & post-sales support), sales, and marketing operations. Our CX Automation platform provides an omnichannel journey experience across all customer touchpoints. We’re excited to showcase our product that can transform conventional CX strategy for brands to delight their customer’s interactions and experience.
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Visit our booth and learn how we can:

  • Personalize end-to-end customer fulfillment across messaging channels for better CX.
  • Automate pre and post-sales support services, improve average resolution time & customer satisfaction.
  • Personalize customer onboarding, shopping experience & query resolution for a better journey experience irrespective of goals.
  • Build an AI-powered virtual assistant that caters to personalized product recommendations and runs targeted campaigns to boost overall sales.
  • Integrate seamlessly with CRM, ticketing platforms, & other third-party systems to get a unified view of customer behavior and achieve quicker resolution.

Experience Live Demo and Discover the Right Use Case to Strengthen your Business’ Customer Experience

Live/Virtual Agent
Order Status
Shipping Rates
Billing Issues
Apply for Loans/Credit Cards
Feedback Collection
New User Onboarding
Offers/Discounts – Campaign

Supercharge Customer Experience Across Industries

Travel & Hospitality

Helping over  350+ Enterprise and SMB Customers to Transform their Sales, CX & Overall Brand Visibility

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