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Intelligent Campaign Management That Drives 10x Conversion & Growth

Create targeted campaigns across channels that convert, engage, and automate personalization with superior CX. Intent-based campaign to upsell & cross-sell products.

Forever Free for Developers !

AI-powered Campaign Management Solution Built for Boundless Values

Create customer journey & deploy personalized marketing campaigns at scale

Improve revenue generation up to 760% through segmented campaigns

Create Top funnel journey & dialogue based on customers’ past preferences

Enhance Customer experience, drive brand loyalty and acquire customer insights


Build the Journey That Engages & Attracts Across Channels

Create customer journey through a feature-rich visual design builder equipped with API connectors for seamless sync of customer data. Deploy and broadcast the campaign across user-preferred channels.

  • Drag-and-drop journey Builder
  • Rich Buttons
  • API, Delay & Decision Node
  • WhatsApp, SMS, & more
Message Template

Engage Consumers with Rich & Personalized Messaging

Automate updates, share product catalogs, and customize the messaging experience for better engagement. Deliver responses comprised of comprehensive users’ data based on intent in order to make conversation meaningful.


  • Customize Message Template
  • Add Dynamic Rich cards
  • Sales Content, Asset Management
  • Multiple Buttons
Campaign Analytics

Redefine your Campaign Strategy with Predictive Insights

Get complete insights into your campaigns’ performance right from the first message. Track and analyze key metrics to improvise the journey experience and goal completion rate.


  • Messages Sent, Delivered, & Read
  • Average Wait time
  • Buttons Performed
  • Open Rates
All-in-one Dashboard

Manage Entire Campaign From Intuitive Dashboard

Drive sales, engagement and understand the overall campaign performance from a single dashboard that can be customized based on preference. Surface value segments, predict behavior, and tailor each campaign.


  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Segment Behavioral Data
  • Lead Capture/Qualification
  • Opportunity Management Data

Drive Holistic Campaign Experience Across Use Cases

Run campaigns with personalized messages, recommend the right product, and target based on users’ behavior for better leads and higher CX at scale

Automate Campaigns & Reap Business Values across industries

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Personalize Campaigns, Multiply Sales & Conversions with Twixor’s Campaign Builder

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