Build customized conversational experiences to drive better engagement on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media has opened up a world of possibilities for brands. It empowers businesses to have two way “rich” conversations and send out notifications to its users right from within their platform. With our unique journey builder you can now personalize your communications flow on WhatsApp, telegram etc..,

Reach your customers through the world’s most popular messaging app

Explore how Omnichannel  journey builder can help your business

Retail and E-commerce
Airline and Hospitality





Alert and notify customers for transactions such as card conflict, fees charged, reaching credit limit, etc.


“On time” support for critical issues

Handle customer requests that require immediate attention such as lost or stolen credit card or unauthorized transaction.



Instantly address inquiries about account or loan balance,credit limit,reward points, etc. 



Retail and E-commerce




Product availability

Send information and updates on products that users are interested in, or have “opted-in” to receive alerts.


Order updates

Communicate details about purchase, tracking, and delivery information in real time


Billing inquiries

Address concerns about handling payments and other billing issues quickly.


Airline and Hospitality
Travel confirmation & alerts

Send details of flight confirmations, check-in notifications, and boarding passes to  travelers enabling easy access


Handling time-critical notifications

Communicate important messages with customers about flight cancellations, delays, rescheduling notifications in real-time


Booking inquiries

Delight customers with the ability to select seat, upgrades, payment/billing questions, and other important information.



Twixor’s “interactive” Omnichannel Journey Builder

Design and build your own conversational experience on Omnichannel journey builder


Define the “actionability” expected from customers through simple keywords and trigger relevant “workflows”.


A simple drag-and-drop module allows you to design rich conversational flows with ease.

Easy Integrations


From simple API integration to much more complex workflow integration,Twixor’s omnichannel communications flow builder has you covered with its easy-to-use platform.

Omnichannel journey builder feature set


Instantly engage your customers and take advantage of native Features

Rich Messaging

Interact with your customers through rich messages with images, videos,files,and much more.


Allow your customers to speak to the right person at the right time with the feature to share contacts effortlessly.


Share documents such as invoices,receipts,account statements,terms and conditions that your customers request with ease. Upload or receive documents in PDF, DOC(X), PPT(x), XLS(x) formats.


You can now not only enable your customers to locate your store or branch ,but also provide delivery services in real-time by allowing your customers to share their location proactively to avoid missed deliveries.

Build meaningful relationships with your customers in real time by tapping into the power of Omnichannel journey builder