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Build Your Own AI Conversational Chatbot That Engages & Converts

Easy Drag-and-drop conversational journey builder Powered with NLP and pre-built features to create engaging journeys without coding.

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Build Relationship. Personalize Conversations. Delight Customers.

Build, Deploy & Repurpose

Our no-code journey builder enables you to build the workflow, customize it and reuse the component for other intent-specific scenarios.

Personalize Chat with Dynamic Rich Card

Display user-intent-based data in a more consolidated and rich manner to engage customers and turn every conversation into a prospect effectively

Hand off From Virtual to Live Agents

Experience seamless transfer or handoff from a virtual agent to department specific live agent depending on the customers’ preference seamlessly.

Pre-built Customer Journey Templates

Journey builder is in-built with predefined or customizable journey templates with actionable buttons and document management.

Journey Studio Authentication

Enable your administrators of the chatbot builder to add other team members to edit, review and share diverse experience on the go.

Built-in Testing Tools and Visualizer

Build, Test and launch every workflow you define for each campaign. With our simulator, A/B Test the design workflow for better accuracy & CX.

All across Any channel

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An AI-powered Omnichannel bot Builder built to delight & personalize Customer Journey

The easiest and fastest way to Build your Dynamic AI Bot enriched with Multiple features to engage your customers from dialogue one.
No-code Journey Builder In-built with Features and Functionalities To Reap Business Values

Omnichannel Customers Interactions which’s Easy to Build and Quicker to Deploy Anywhere

Journey Flow Studio

Easy Drag-and-Drop Nodes with Visualization Dashboard

Create a storyboard and convert it into a journey with the conversational dialog box. In-built with ready-to-go building blocks, nodes, and pre-trained AI bot to make the conversational flow meaningful and goal-centric.

  • Unlimited Variables
  • In-built Logic Nodes
  • Message nodes
  • End-to-end Customization
API Connectivity

Sync User Information Automatically For Intent-based Personalization

Keep weaving of information together from multiple data sources like server, client data, and more. Sync your customer data across multiple platforms like CRM, ERP, and Proprietary to better know your customers.

  • Payment Gateway
  • API Properties/Variable Mapping
  • Loaction & Communication
  • Enterprise Apps

Multiple Ways To Use LCNC Journey Builder for Your Business

Boost Engagement

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Maximize Conversions

Run Surveys

Run Surveys

Cross-sell and Up-sell

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Build Your Intelligent AI-Powered Chatbot in Minutes with a No-code Journey Builder.

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