An easy-to-use internet scale platform that combines the power of ‘bi-directional actionable messaging’ and ‘Business Process Management (BPM)’.


Used by global enterprises to rapidly build and easily scale, our PaaS connects enterprises to their customers through powerful “interactive” communications that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.


Speed Of Dynamic Communications


An instant message window acts as an extended user interface of the enterprise application with buttons,dynamic forms and customized workflows – translating to an actionable instant messaging platform.


Power Of BPM


The integration of interactive workflow with customer communications brings forth the synergy of actionable instant messaging – Your last mile responsive communication.

PaaS – feature set

Speed of delivery

Go to market with a competitive edge in a matter of days. With proven results across mission-critical use cases in making enterprise to customer communications more dynamic, Twixor’s experience means you can focus on what really matters…your enterprise.

Secure and Highly available by design

With an investment of over 80 man years on research and development, we have successfully built a highly scalable , fault tolerant, highly available, container ready, cloud-ready secure computing platform.

Future-proof architecture

Build “actionable” communications with confidence on open technologies and a platform that adapts to your architecture.

Intentional self-service

Empower teams to complete integrations faster leading to discoverable and reusable assets.

Actionable visibility

Proactively identify and quickly build “engaging” communications ensuring all business expectations are met.

Deploy swiftly and scale effortlessly

Whether you need a global secure cloud deployment or an on-premise deployment, Twixor’s scalable platform offers you the flexibility that your IT team requires.

Engage your customers like never before with interactive communications