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Grow Better, Grow Together

In this new digital messaging economy, craft GTM partnerships that leverage the power of Customer Experience Optimization platform

Explore our ISV model with Dedicated Hosting

Why partner with us

Sell More

We build partnerships that deliver complementary GTM strategies and allow both of us to sell more, together.

Global Adoption at Scale

We have delivered business solutions on a global scale across industries multilingually for Fortune 500 clientele.

High Flexibility

Long term revenue share arrangements on all of our deployment models such as SaaS, cloud and on-prem.

Partner Centric Growth

We help our partners to accelerate time to value, reduce total cost of ownership and optimize revenue cycle.

Comprehensive Solution

We provide extensive solutions across channels that help increase customer engagement via low-code platforms

Patented Platform

Twixor holds 6 patents with a unique combination of zero-code messaging and low-code automation.

Our Partnership Types

Telco and Messaging


Channel and messaging aggregators who route & relay messages and offer messaging conversational channels and protocols.

Consultants and System

Integrators (SIs)

Consulting organizations, digital agencies and system integrators (SIs) who advise, deploy and implement business solutions for enterprises

ISVs and Technology


 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), SaaS and technology organizations who offer and build software and technology solutions

Our Partners

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Reduce Operational-cost, Improve Efficiency & Automate Banking

Experience Using Conversational AI
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