Conversational retail done right

Our retail clients are helping their customers discover products more interactively through messaging and social media channels like facebook messenger, twitter and are even able to complete their purchases with embedded transactions in a seamless manner. What this means to the retail client is reduced cart abandonment rates by nearly 90% and increased omnichannel engagement.

Optimize every customer touchpoint

Retailers need to connect with customers at the right moment, across multiple sales channels and technologies. With Twixor you can make every touchpoint an opportunity to drive customer engagement. Pro-actively use insights to guide customer journey and supercharge your marketing and promotion results. Increase visibility to data from across systems like and more.

Loyalty management

Superior customer engagement can drive customer loyalty .Twixor makes more granular relevant information sharing through messaging a reality.This leads to higher customer satisfaction,positive brand experience and better conversions.

Clients revolutionizing customer experience using our platform