Users will soon start preferring their customer support through “interactive” messages rather than through voice calls”

Key Benefits

Create richer experiences for customers and partners

By moving calls from voice to web and mobile channels, our Telco partners and clients have seen an improvement in first contact resolution ,customer NPS scores and average handle time.

Digitize customer care

Organizations are constantly on the lookout for serving their customers better and fast. Gone are the days of automated phone call answering system with menu-driven voice response system before speaking with an agent. Customers today prefer messaging for frequently sought information (account balance, delivery status, inventory level, etc) through a “self-service” access system. There could be no better universal access to this information than providing the same through interactive elements embedded within communications sent.

Enhance customer stickiness

Our Teleco clients have made their messaging more contemporary with richer differentiation by implementing a dramatically faster and easier experience that is yielding them a significant competitive edge.

Clients revolutionizing customer experience using our platform