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Empower Customer Support & Experience with Voice AI Bot

AI Speech to Text Bot Built to Transform the Digital Age of Customer Support. Free up Customer Typing Experience with Voice Conversations

Forever Free for Developers !

Digital Age Solution Built To Understand Voice Conversations at All Endpoints

Twixor speech-to-text AI is an easy-to-deploy solution that can be integrated into any of your support systems, just like integrating Bot. With in-built voice responses, you can reap the Customer inquiry experience from day one of implementation.

The platform can be customized based on industry-domain specifications to maximize Speech to text conversation use cases. It’s designed to adapt to various accents and languages to respond accurately.

Our Voice AI Recognition Assistant is pre-trained with SLU (Spoken Language Understanding) and Public ASR to reduce false positives and specific entity and intent-based inquiry over voice. This enables intent driven journey across channels.

Save Customers’ Time Spent On Support with Voice Interactions

Magnify Speech to text Conversations Across Support Systems

Let Bot Take Care of Voice Support with Minimal Human Intervention

Enable your customers to speak in their preferred language and respond with personalized action. Our AI voice recognition engine understands the intent of customers’ inquiries and personalizes conversation with chat.

  • 20+ Language Support
  • Recognizes Multiple Intents
  • Execute Human-like Interactions

Boost Personalized & Contextual Interactions with Speech Recognition Engine

With AI-powered Speech to text Bot, improve customer support experience and ZERO the delays on customer onboarding. Deliver intent-based resolution to customers based on data generated from previous interactions.

  • Keep Track of Customer Behavior
  • Data-backed Decisions
  • Different Accent Recognition

Amplify Voice Chat Support Across Channels Your Customers Prefer

Combine all soiled systems into one platform to manage overall support communications with AI voice recognitions. Twixor supports 50+ and 6+ channels to carry forward voice-enabled inquiries and deliver personalized CX.

  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Seamless Integration
  • 24/7 Support

Experience the Power of Speech to Text – Use Cases

Bank Account Details
Schedule Appointments
Sales Inquiries
Upsell & Cross-sell
Book Tickets
Order Status
Product/Service Feedback

Implement AI Conversational Chat with Speech to Text Bot Today!

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