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“More than 85% of travel consumers say they value personalization, 85% of them say personalization affects their travel purchase decisions”


Hyper-Connected Travel Experience Connectivity



Travel Management Companies

The next frontier in the race for share of wallet is conversational messaging

Information on Demand

Proactive customer engagement enables you to stay relevant, secure revenue streams and encourage brand loyalty. With Twixor, act swiftly to ensure travellers have access to real-time updates. Twixor allows you to provide a personalized omnichannel experience and align with continuously changing consumer behaviour.

Service and Support on Demand

Twixor enabled conversational AI’s ability to answer routine questions will free front desk staff to provide the human touch for service issues and questions that require it, thereby delivering a perfect blend of bionic support. Guests can explore options at their own pace, and virtual assistants are on duty 24x7, ready to be quizzed whenever the need strikes. Hoteliers can now build and deploy "Smart Rooms" for their guests by leveraging conversational bots that cast the entire portfolio of services over the messaging channel of preference.

Transactions on Demand

As experience becomes currency, vacationers and business travellers alike expect to interact with their favourite brands across all channels in frictionless ways. With Twixor, leverage social messaging channels to provide a unified platform for seamless reservations and timely notifications. Intent fulfilment is essential for customer satisfaction, with Twixor AI/NLP integration, deliver a right-fit, right-time solution that is closely mapped to their unique travel needs - like upselling rooms and promotions in line with customer preferences. Twixor's next-gen duty-free shopping experience is 100% digitalized and App-less, with embedded rich media, and integrated bar-code scan and payment options

Live Agent

Rich Cards



Business Impact

Increase in Turnaround time 50%
Improved sales effectiveness 40%
increase in CSAT 30%
increase in upselling 23%

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