Travel & Hospitality

Make every trip better

Web-check-in, downloadable boarding passes, Context sensitive personalized services, Post Trip Sentiment analysis & more

“More than 85% of travel consumers say they value personalization, 85% of them say personalization affects their travel purchase decisions”


AI for Online Travel Ecosystem

Last mile connectivity

Airlines & Hotels

Airlines & Hotels

Create bundled packages for customers, Ticket distribution, data exchange with aggregators, GDS & agents



Check booking availabilities & coordinate with suppliers, document customer data and communicate with customers



Make enquiries, Cancel/reschedule reservations, seat allocation & provide feedback.

Strengthen engagement and optimize travel experiences

Travel lite

EMI Conversion

Send tailor-made recommendations to turn lookers into bookers

Tell them when it’s best to fly, offer them package deals and send promotional content that can potentially boost sales.

Send them real-time updates including pandemic alerts and weather updates.

Say goodbye to long queues at airports & receptions

Self-service bots that are fully equipped to render boarding passes, hotel reservation tickets and more.
Provide uninterrupted customer service with a combination of chatbot and a live agent.

EMI Conversion

Reduce booking abandonment by not redirecting for payments

Pay for tickets and reservations instantly within the same platform. Drastically reduce booking abandonments that occur because customers don’t have the full view of charges involved and are redirected for payments.

Rich Card Snippets (RCS)

Live Agent

Multilingual Conversational AI


Business Impact

Turnaround time improvement in asset processing 50%
Reduction in leakage rate while onboarding customer 85%
Estimated FTE optimization in call center. 70%

Engage with your customers like never before!