Healthcare Doctor Appointment

Use Case : Redefining Doctor Appointment Booking With WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbot for scheduling Doctor Appointment

Embracing WhatsApp Healthcare

With Twixor’s WhatsApp Journey Builder, automate the appointment scheduling process tasks freeing up healthcare workers to focus on issues that need their immediate attention. Make it easier for patients to find a department or physician and instantly register themselves to schedule consultations

Most of all,

Build & Deploy it in less than 5 days!

Build Trust, By Caring Better

Deliver One of kind experience

Multilingual Conversations

NLP Driven WhatsApp Bot allows the users to interact with the healthcare providers with the language of their preference.

Personalized Care

The Unique Rich Enables the Healthcare provider to dynamically gather and visualize data intuitively augmenting customer experience.

Live Agent

The Hybrid Customer allows users to engage either with both Automated conversation or with the direct customer support agent

Business Impact