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Automate More Chats & Conversions with WhatsApp Business bot

Twixor WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider allows you to be present where your customers are to drive leads, sell and retain. With WhatsApp Campaign Manager build and run campaigns without coding.

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Why WhatsApp for Business Chatbot?

WhatsApp Business Chatbot blended with Conversational AI helps to build an audience, Trigger notifications that converts and automates every interaction.

Increase Read Rate

Magnify Brand Recall

Improve Response Rate

Cross-sell & Upsell

Reduce Operational Cost

Improve Conversion & Leads

Increase CSAT

Redefine End-to-end Shopping Journey with WhatsApp Chatbot Engine

Run Campaigns that Converts

Create compelling customer journey with pre-built journey builder and run campaigns to a vast number of customers to sell your products/services in order create business impact.

Establish Payments On WhatsApp

Enable customers to make direct payments from WhatsApp without juggling between apps while making purchases. Integrate third-party payment modes or webhook for a seamless shopping experience.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Deliver product recommendations and suggest similar products with personalized messages based on users’ behavioral reports and previous orders. Set reminders and notifications.

WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider for business conversations

Supercharge CX with our WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider

Intent-based Virtual Support

Twixor’s Intelligent Bot leverages intent-based identification that understands every emotion and builds more robust sentence embedding. Powered with NLP and pre-built domain-based recognition that requires Zero training.

Rich Multimedia Messaging Experience

Make the conversation more interactive and exciting by enabling your customers to share PDF documents, images, QR codes, and more. Personalize every chat by synchronizing customer database, location & more.

Frictionless Agent Handoff

The Intelligent Virtual Agent seamlessly handles 80% of complex inquiries and troubleshooting with the help of a self-serve system. The VA switches to a live agent in case of emergencies or based on customers’ preferences.

WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider for personalization

Implementation of AI WhatsApp Chatbot with Twixor is Made Easy!

With the No-code Conversational AI platform, Manage the workflow design, add a rich messaging experience, integrate APIs and publish campaigns to millions of users from one WhatsApp Account.


Sign in to Twixor


Create a WhatsApp Business Account


Add a Registered Phone Number to WABA Account


Setup WhatsApp Container & Sync Directory


Create Rich Message Template


Connect WhatsApp Container to chat management


Implement WebHook URLs


Trigger Campaign

NLP driven chatbots to understand customer intent

One AI Conversational Platform for Multiple Use Cases

Appointment Booking

Book a Flight TicketSurvey CampaignsService/Product RecommendationsSupport Tickets
Premium Insurance RenewalLoan AssistanceProduct LaunchSavings Account OpeningFind Nearby Restaurants

Build Your First WhatsApp Chatbot and Drive Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously

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