We simplify your path to “Digital Transformation”,

in its true sense.



Twixor’s next-gen platform can address enterprise legacy systems and modernize customer facing communications.


Secure and scalable platform built from ground up



With an investment of over 80 man years on research and development, we have successfully built a ‘highly scalable ’, ‘fault tolerant’, ‘highly available ’, container ready, cloud-ready secure computing platform.


This combined with the power of Progressive Web Apps(PWA), ushers enterprises into a truly “app”-less computing era with its channel agnostic feature.


Our PWA capsule powered with a computing stack has revolutionized the critical applications market which is now moving towards micro apps based computing and BOT based interactions.

Industry Recognition

With 6 technology stack patents and a robust intellectual property at our stride, Twixor is recognized and awarded as one of the most innovative technology companies in many forums.

Enterprise Connect

“Gartner predicts that 20% of  brands will abandon their mobile  apps , By 2020*”

Twixor breaks down the barriers for building and deploying communication workflows.


Superior customer first experience can be achieved by seamlessly integrating various aspects of the enterprise to consumer engagement deliverability.





Personalized engagement to enhance customer loyalty


By leveraging the power of Progressive Web Apps(PWA) and powerful automation engine at the backend, businesses can now “delight” customers with dynamic real-time conversations through any channel. Seamlessly integrate your business with interactive workflows directly into the conversation.



Omnichannel device independent bridge


Enterprise to consumer communications today span across several channels. Though this ensures communications reach consumers, the effectiveness of these communications are hindered by the absence of “interactive” elements within the communications.


Twixor provide customers with an omnichannel device independent bridge that enables enterprises to build 1:1 relationship with their consumers, at scale, that helps increase customer loyalty.







“Future” proof architecture


Build communications with confidence on open technologies and a platform that adapts to your architecture. Integrate with every system, every device, and every user and launch dynamic interactive communications 5x faster.

Engage your customers like never before with interactive communications