Clients revolutionizing customer experience using Twixor

Streamline customer communications into dynamic, two-way conversations.

Build a differentiated conversational experience for customers, faster with ease.


Drive “Actionable engagement” and stickiness with customers when, where and how they prefer. Leverage rich media, clickable interactive elements in your communications to create the right impact.


Move conversations into transactions and increase your revenue. Seamlessly increase customer engagement velocity and reduce cost per conversion.


Innovatively manage each touch point in a customer’s life cycle journey. Our informative reports provide your team with customer insights that would allow you to strengthen your customer engagement strategies.

The Impact


Increased customer engagement

Each communication is embedded with a definite call to action thus enhancing customer experience.


Accelerated conversions

Build a custom, branded, dynamic interactive customer experience across any channel with engaging content that nurture conversions.


Enhanced operational efficiency

Witness better efficiency while building lasting customer relationships. Reduce the turn around time for customer support interactions with interactive ``actionable`` messaging.

Design your own interactive customer conversations

“Actionable” conversation builder

Building and managing a dynamic communication workflow has never been this easy. Sign Up and start building using our engagement capsule builder or you can even start with a pre-built template.


Any communication flow from customer acquisition, retention, support and even feedback flows can be built and deployed with rich media, interactive call to actions along with document upload and retrieval.

Communicate on any Channel

Delight your customers with smarter communication workflow on any channel.The conversation builder’s Omni channel , device agnostic feature makes it easy to get started with and its powerful enough to design entire conversation workflow in minutes.


With an easy drag and drop feature along with its modifiable components , it provides you the freedom of scaling your idea to successful creative conversational experiences with ease.

Intuitive and Insightful Reports

Our communication builder comes with an intuitive reporting feature that provides your business with insights which help you drive customer engagement better.


It also empowers you to act proactively on devising conversations that increase revenue and customer lifetime value by innovatively managing each touch point in a customer’s lifecycle journey.

What makes our solution “click”?

Revenue Boost

Leading conversations into tractions. See an increase in your customer engagement activities leading to 20% increase in revenue with just one small change in your messaging strategy - invoking definite call to action for every conversation.

Better Productivity

“EnCaps” , our visual drag and drop campaign builder enables your sales, marketing and support teams to be in sync by streamlining the last mile customer communications into definite call to action. With its user friendly interface , you can build an entire conversational messaging workflow in minutes.

Be Future ready

Increase customer life time value by promoting uniform “actionable” messaging across any channel like SMS , Mobile Apps, Web Browser Widgets (Timeline), Social Channel , Email and Chatbots.

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Engage your customers like never before with interactive communication