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Make Transactional Journey Smooth with

Conversational Solution

Empower any kind of transaction within the context of a conversation to simplify the customer journey and experience through Transactional Chatbots

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Put Conversation and Transaction Together To Reap Personalized CX

Automate Transactional Activities At Any Point of Customer Journey

Customer Onboarding

Our solution authenticates the customer, responds to their intent, automates the journey, retrieves required data and processes end-to-end customer journey with the capability to transact.

Bill Payments

Streamline and automate the process of online payments of electricity bills, recharges, EMI payments, KYC verifications, and much more within the conversation.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Give the freedom to customers to shop the product while inquiring about it. With an AI-powered conversational engine, cut acquisition costs, transact more & sell beyond expectations.

Transactional Chatbots for Every Customer Workflow

Transactional Banking

Conversational Banking with Transactions Made Easy

Streamline banking operations, personalize interactions and automate transactions involved across all aspects of banking services. Our Intelligent AI Conversational platform accelerates digital presence and transactions across all channels.


  • Check Account Balance
  • Pay Credit Card Bills
  • Open Fresh Account
  • KYC Validation
Transactional Chatbots for conversions
Lending Operations

Accelerate New Age of Lending Services With Transactional chatbots

Automate application forms and backend-processing with the conversation that leads to end-to-end management of your loan distribution services. Attract, capture and maximize lead generation possibility with NLP-powered self-service agents.


  • Automate Pre-screening Process
  • Reduce Dependency on Call Centers
  • Cross-sell Opportunity
  • Automate Application Distribution
Conversation-driven Insurance Services

Maximize Policy Sales & Renewals a Priority with Conversations

Twixor’s Transactional Bot set an opportunity to sell more policies across all your distribution channels without compromising on personalization and engagement. The solution automates policyholder onboarding, application distribution, follow-ups, and more.


  • e-KYC Verification with onboarding
  • Track Status of Forms & Claims
  • 24×7 Insurance Inquiry Support
  • 360-degree View of Prospects
Transactional Chatbots for customer stickiness
Transactional Chatbots for any transaction
Manage Stock-Broking

Automate Trading Inquiries, Double Your Lead Capture & Revenue

Maximize lead capturing and reduce drop-offs across channels where your stock-broking is minimal. With an intelligent virtual agent, engage leads and increase conversion rate with the capability to generate real-time quotes.


  • Investors Buy Stocks as Gift
  • Reduce Resource Spent on Human
  • Improve Advisory on Stocks
  • Deliver Stock-related Information
Bring In-store Assistant Closer

Accelerate Your Online-store Presence & Retarget Abandon Carts

Engage with your customers on the channel they prefer and offer end-to-end purchasing experience with feasibility like a product recommendation, discounts, return & replacement and more based on users’ behavior.


  • Seamless Customer Data Sync
  • End-to-end Order Journey
  • Proactive Communication
  • Omnichannel Shopping
Transactional Chatbots for conversational commerce
Open Door for New Buyers
Reduce Support Expenses
Drive Conversion Rate
Fine-tune Lead Generation

Personalize Interactions, Boost Conversion & Maximize Transactional Experience

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